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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ten Days until Easter. Time to 'fess up!

Today is April 6. Ten more days until Easter. Have you been to confession yet? If not, it is time to get going! Here is a powerful reflection on one person’s experience with the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Recently, I received the Sacrament of Reconciliation from our new pastor. He has been in the parish for about nine months, but until now but I had always found myself confessing to one of the parochial vicars. Our pastor has brought some changes to the parish that I heartily endorse. As with all change it has ruffled some feathers, but I really believe the parish will be stronger for it. His demeanor has been a bit scolding sometimes so when I found myself in his line for confession I approached with a bit of trepidation. Yet, when I found myself in the confessional I was struck with the joy and love he exuded as he administered the Sacrament. He did not deny or minimize my failings, but he responded with compassion and mercy. I truly felt Christ’s Divine Mercy. I realized this man may not always be a gifted administrator. He is, however, a gifted priest.

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Barb, sfo said...

The first place I met our new pastor was in the confessional. What a great start! May the Church be blessed with more priests who are gifted confessors, and may the faithful be inspired to make use of this wonderful sacrament.