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Lead Your Spouse to Heaven

Saturday morning’s Mass was attended by at least 50 couples participating in the marriage preparation conference. Each couple snuggled up in the pew and they were all so much in “luv”. Eyes and engagement rings sparkled. I wanted so much to believe that each of these couples were the perfect match. Yet the statistics say otherwise. The divorce rate hovers around 50%. It is no different for Catholics vs. non-Catholics though this statistic may be skewed by self-identification as “Catholic”. Many who label themselves as Catholic never attend Mass or other religious activities yet keep the Catholic label due to their childhood affiliation with the Church.

Father’s homily was addressed to these couples. He described Mary as the perfect disciple of Christ. We should each model our own discipleship after Mary’s. If we follow her lead, she will lead us to Jesus and to eternal life. Then Father spoke of the vocation of marriage. By accepting this vocation, you accept the duty to lead your spouse to heaven. That phrase really struck a chord with me. What a great yardstick for evaluating a relationship. My husband and I have been married nearly twenty-two years. Thinking back on what attracted me to him, in addition to his brief recitation of poetry, was his virtue. I could really trust that he would seek the moral high ground.

My teens have not done a lot of dating. They do a lot of coed group activities. However, we are starting to see relationships form and fade. I had to share Father’s words with them when I returned home from Mass. As their relationships develop they need to answer the question, “Will this person lead me to heaven?”

We are approaching the peak wedding season. Say a prayer for all those entering this blessed vocation. May they each seek to lead their spouses to heaven.


Michelle said…
My husband often says, "I'm going to hell for this..." and I say, "Definitely NOT. I won't go, so you can't either." Sometimes i think he relies on me a bit too much in this regard!

BTW, I loved the post about your husband reciting a line of poetry to win your heart. How wonderful. I have my kids memorize poems for school, and it's always a special thing when a line of a memorized poem comes to mind in a circumstance and we can share it.

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