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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Looking for Priests in Cleats?

If you have read this blog for a while, you know I love the game of soccer. So I am really impressed with the soccer themed vocations campaign by the Catholic Bishops Conference of England in Wales. Catholic Online has the full story by Simon Caldwell of Catholic News Service:

The Gregorian chant sung in churches and soccer anthems that resound through Britain's soccer stadiums may seem a world apart, but those venues are often the only two places where people sing together, said a church official.

With this in mind, the Catholic Church is drawing on the "beautiful game" as part of a new campaign to attract "single, practicing Catholics in their 20s" to the priesthood….

"Football plays a major part in many young men's lives," Father Embery said in a statement April 28. "The 'beautiful game' is not just a job, it becomes a whole way of life.

"It takes many years of training, dedication and perseverance to get to a professional standard – the support of your team is invaluable, and it's not just about a one-off public appearance at the weekend," he said. "We want young men to see that some of the motivating factors for footballers are just as applicable to the Catholic priesthood, and that being a priest is a very rewarding and satisfying vocation – and a lifelong one, too."

Okay. A soccer themed vocations campaign might not be too effective in the United States. But Americans love sports analogies. Imagine the slogans if the US Conference of Catholic Bishops tried a football or baseball themed vocations drive. Anything would be better than the Diocese of Rochester campaign discussed at Rich Leonardi’s blog.

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