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Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh! It is one of those kinds of Catholic Universities

Last week my daughter received a brochure for John Carroll University in the mail. I really didn’t know much about the school so I didn’t pay attention to it. My daughter is at that stage in her high school career where our mailbox is cluttered with all kinds of “fan mail” asking her to consider one college or another. My husband sure noticed it. He picked up the brochure from the kitchen counter and exclaimed, “You would want your daughter to go to this school?” Taking a closer look at the brochure, I realized their cover girl student was dressed in low-slung jeans, midriff baring top, and striking a sexy pose. No, I don’t think I want my daughter there. The brochure went straight into the trash.

Today, I read Dom’s blog, with its comments about John Carroll University.

Finally, they also want to know what he will do about John Carroll University, which according to the Cardinal Newman Society, refers students to a pro-abortion counseling center, which sanctioned a performance of the “Queer Monologues,” and whose Gay/Straight Alliance supports all kinds of extremist gay activism in direct defiance of Catholic teaching.

Now I know. That provocative brochure cover was no accident. This is another one of those school’s whose idea of being a Catholic university differs substantially from my own.

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Jennifer said...

Gosh! Thanks for the heads up as my niece is considering colleges at the moment. I tremble for her if a Catholic University is using an unabashed use of young female sex appeal to advertise itself.

Very disturbing.