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Thursday, May 04, 2006

There is no Freedom of Choice Unless You Agree With Them?

Interesting account of a pro-life physician’s dilemma here. According to this blog post, Dr. Bill Toffler will lose his job at Oregon Health Sciences Center because he won’t do abortions, won’t prescribe lethal drugs for patients wanting to commit suicide, and won’t prescribe contraception. He also will not facilitate referrals for patients to receive these services elsewhere.

I feel for Dr. Toffler. This is one of the reasons I am not currently practicing medicine. Because of our frequent military moves, I was always in the position of being an employee. It became increasingly difficult to find employment that did not require me to participate in or facilitate morally objectionable medical practices. I could no longer justify the sacrifices my family had to make for me to work when the job compromised the moral standards I was working so hard to instill in my children.

Abortion advocates are not satisfied with enforcing these sorts of policies in secular institutions. These forces are pushing to require Catholic hospitals to participate in a host of medical practices that contradict Catholic teachings. It must be stated that abortion, physician assisted suicide, contraception, permanent sterilization are all elective medical treatments. They are medical wants, not medical needs. We do not force every physician and every hospital to provide plastic surgery. If there is a demand for these legal elective procedures, the market will provide them. Why is the refusal of a physician to engage in these practices so offensive to some? After all, these people are all about the freedom of individuals to make choices. I guess they support your right to choose as long as your choice agrees with theirs. Any dissent is a threat to the validity of their choice.

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martin said...

This is one of the reasons I am not currently practicing medicine.

I see you are in VA. I assume you know of the prolife ob clinic in NoVa and another general clinic (can't remember either name) in VA Beach.

You may well have other reasons to remain retired for now but keep them in mind.

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