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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Parental Guidance may not be such a bad thing

Many are surprised and offended by the PG rating for the film “Facing the Giants”. This low budget film with an overt Christian message was labeled as PG by the MPAA because of its “thematic elements”. It has an Evangelical Christian theme.

At first blush I thought this was absurd. But after reflection, I think this makes sense. PG does not mean children should avoid the movie. It means parents need to evaluate it first and decide if the move is appropriate for their children. This PG rating acknowledges some, not necessarily a majority of parents, will find a movie objectionable for their children.

What if the movie had the same plot but instead of finding his Christian faith, the coach attributes his life improvements to becoming a Muslim? What if he begins to practice Wicca? Christian parents might very well object. In the same way, Muslim, Wiccan, Atheist, or even Jewish parents might be uncomfortable with their young children viewing a movie that points to Christianity as the road to true happiness.

So I am not ready to condemn the MPAA for this PG rating just yet. If they show consistency so that a similarly themed Muslim or Jewish film received the same PG rating it is appropriate. On the other hand, if it is specifically Christianity they fear, then shame on them!


Michelle said...

good points.

Michelle said...

But the link isn't right.

Catholic Mom said...

Thanks, Michelle. The link should work now. I was struggling with this post when Blogger was having issues yesterday so no telling what got posted!

Michelle said...

links good. good article. just wish the movie raters were equally eager to warn parents of some of the secular messages in movies too. will link to this post, thanks!