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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Real Cookie Monster?

There has to be more to this story! According to news reports, an eighth grader at Hungary Creek Middle School in Richmond, Virginia was suspended for one day and kicked off the baseball team because he “stole” a cookie. The boy reports he was sent in to the faculty dining area to fill up the baseball team’s water cooler. In the process a cookie jar was knocked over and cookies spilled. As he picked up the cookies he ate one.

Caryl Maitland says her son, Jeremy, told school officials that someone knocked over a cookie jar in the Hungary Creek Middle School kitchen and he ate one of the cookies as he picked them up.

She says the family received a letter from the assistant principal telling them the cookies were a staff member's personal food. Jeremy, who's been suspended twice before this year, was disciplined under the school's theft code.

School officials cite privacy restrictions prevent them from giving more details, but state it is more than just the theft of a cookie. It is a matter of integrity.

Okay, maybe the boy initially lied about eating one of the cookies. Even his mother acknowledges punishment is in order. But suspension from school and expulsion from the baseball team because he invoked the “five-second-rule” and ate one of the spilled cookies seems extreme. If comments on the local news website are any indication, Hungary Creek Middle School may be inundated with boxes of cookies as those disgusted by this seemingly disproportionate punishment try to assuage the sweet tooth of the offended faculty.

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Michelle said...

I said the same thing about there being more to the story. The kid has been suspended twice before, according to the article. Either he's a chronically bad kid and this was the last straw, or the school is suspension-happy. My money is on the latter option. I attended schools in Chesterfield County - a neighboring county to where this school is - and found the middle school to be horribly opinion on this hasn't tempered with old age either.