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Suggestions for Adult Catechesis

One of my pet peeves is that most Catholic parishes have very minimal adult education. The state of adult Catholic catechesis is really abysmal. So rather than just gripe about it a group from our parish decided to come up with some ideas for adult education topics. I thought I would throw the question out to the blogging community as well:

What topic would you like to see covered in an adult education program at your parish?

My answers:

1. Church history (The whole Da Vinci Code brouhaha pointed out the need for that!)
2. Systematic study of the Catechism
3. Theology of the Body
4. Keeping your Kids Catholic (Bert Ghezzi’s book of the same name is wonderful. It even has discussion questions at the end of each chapter.)

How about you?


Tony said…
I'd like to lead a discussion on the actual Vatican II documents and how they different from the "spirit".
Mack said…
A study of the Creed would be useful, as a lot of contemporary Catholics express skepticism of certain parts and it is so central to our Faith.
Sarah said…
I'm all for TOB but it's been a slow haul in our parish community. It seems to be lighting people on fire, but it's one by one, not all at once (which is frustrating for a rah-rah cheerleader type).

How much of adult catechesis do you think has to do with the priest? I'm curious as to why the Catholic church seems to struggle with this...

Our parish seems to go through cycles. A women's group (ministry of mothers sharing) really ignited some additional catechetical opportunities recently.
Catholic Mom said…

I think the difficulty with adult catechesis comes from the "check-list" mentality that so many Catholics fall into. Made it to Mass--check. Went to confession--check. Received baptism, communion, confirmation--check. Too many Catholics view their faith as a series of obligations rather than a series of opportunities. Once they think they have met the minimum standards, there is no incentive to do more.
Michelle said…

I suggested and offered to teach a class directed to the parents of the children attending CCD. My idea was to teach this adult class at the same time as CCD and have the adults learning the same material as the children (at an adult level) on a rotating schedule. So, this year the adult class might cover the 5th grade material and next year it would cover the 6th grade material until eventually all the grade levels were covered. Perhaps 2 grade levels or more might be covered or an overview class would be given that would deal with all the grade levels.

I found as a CCD teacher, that the parents had no idea about their own faith and I know that I as a parent didn't have time to read through my kids CCD book on my own. Most parents drop their kids off and then go to the grocery store or even sit in the car and wait - why not offer a chance for them to learn too? Even if your child was in the 4th grade, you could take the 6th grade class because she'll be in that class soon enough.

BTW, my idea was nixed because the DRE had such a hard time finding enough teachers and aides for the children that she felt this class would take away necessary volunteers (they'd be attending, not helping).
Catholic Mom said…
I suggested the same thing just two weeks ago. The response is "oh, you won't get anyone to come because they are all going to the grocery store, have other kids in tow, etc." I am still going to play with the idea. It seems to me that even if I got 10 parents, that's ten more than we were educating before. We'll see!

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