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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Worthy Life

A few days ago I wrote about my son’s classmate who died unexpectedly. Today my son and I attended the funeral Mass for this young boy. As was expected, it was very emotional with many tears but also many smiles as we remembered the joy this boy brought to those around him.

This child suffered from disabilities that made him a little “different”. His parents faced challenges as they dealt with a variety of therapies and special needs. At the end of the Mass today, his parents stood before the congregation and thanked Jesus he had given them this son. His father said, “Jesus could have given this child to anyone. I am so grateful He gave him to me.”

In this age of designer babies and abortions for any flaw or even potential flaws, this expression of gratitude is a true testament to the gift and dignity of all human life. I wish all those who think they can judge the worthiness of a life could have seen the congregation today. This young boy with his own set of earthly limitations, touched so many lives in such a profound way.


Bike said...

“Jesus could have given this child to anyone. I am so grateful He gave him to me.”

All parents should be saying that daily...what a great statement and tribute to the son--he will not be forgotten.

Barb, sfo said...

Amen to what "bike" said.

I will keep this little boy's family and friends in prayer during their time of grief.