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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Blast from the Past

Let’s do the Time Warp again! Last night I took my teenage daughter and two of her friends to see Journey and Def Leppard in concert. She and her buddies are ardent classic rock fans. She had been begging to see Journey since the concert was first announced. Unbelievably she won free tickets from the local radio station so we had to go. It is kind of fun, but also kind of eerie that the musical soundtrack to my daughter’s high school years sounds a lot like mine: Boston. Kansas, Journey. Queen.

This was an outdoor concert at Nissan Pavilion and we had a blanket on the lawn. There was a smattering of teens but the primary fans in attendance were my age. It was pretty comical to see these middle-aged moms and dads, often helped by a few beers, revert back to their teenage years and “rock on”. Of course my kids got a few looks too because they were dancing, waving their arms, and singing all the words just like the old folks. I don’t think many of the old folks knew that another generation had claimed their music.

Journey was the opening act and stuck pretty much to their classic repertoire. They sounded great and took me right back to my plaid skirt days at Bishop Kelley High School. They also seemed to acknowledge they were a bit older now so there were not a lot of hip gyrations and the big screen video didn’t do a lot of zoomed in ultra close-up shots of the band.

Def Leppard on the other hand hasn’t aged quite so gracefully. They tried some new updated techno sounding music that didn’t work too well. One of the guitar players who I am sure is nearly as old as my father insisted on performing without a shirt. The lead singer has put on a few pounds over the years but was still “strutting his stuff”. The video shots of the band zoomed in so close we could appreciate every wrinkle. A little less reality would have been better. However, they did their classic 80’s music as their encore so my group was happy.

Nissan Pavilion gets an F for traffic management. After the concert we couldn’t move from our parking space, much less get out of the parking lot for over an hour. It took us a full two hours to make our way out of the parking lot. The time did afford us the opportunity to talk about what we heard and saw. It was a great lesson on the perils of alcohol. Since the teens and I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol we were watching with stone cold sober eyes. I made sure to point out that all these loud, obnoxious, drunks who smell bad really think they are being funny, clever, and entertaining. Mostly, though, we talked about the music—what we liked and what we didn’t. We plugged the iPod into the car stereo and sang along to so many of my old favorites as we waited for the sea of cars to begin to flow. All in all, it was a good time made even more special because it was shared with my child.


Christine said...

Wow...turns out you and I live pretty close. I know where the bands were playing Friday night because two of the young women in my hubby's office went to that show, too! Amazing!

Christine said...

Oops! I re-read that, and I think we might be talking about two different Fridays. :)