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Just a wee nip for the kitty

My daughter agreed to “cat sit” the neighbor’s cat while they are away on vacation. The job sounded unremarkable. Every morning go let the cat out of the house. Every evening go back, call “nummy, nummy” and the cat will come running to the front door. She lets it in, gives it food, and leaves him in the house overnight. Repeat this for the next seven days. No problem!

Except this is the epitome of the arrogant, uncooperative cat. “Nummy, nummy”, indeed. This cat has absolutely no inclination to come when called. Picking the beast up elicits the prototype for a hissy fit. He transforms himself into a hissing, spitting fur ball with claws.

Yesterday evening the cat was ensconced beneath a ledge behind a large bush. He was hissing and swiping a claw at us every time we peaked in on him. We couldn’t have reached him with our hands if we had wanted to. Our solution involved a little feline pharmacology. I have a small catnip plant growing in the garden. I occasionally offer a few leaves to our own elderly cat to perk him up a bit. I took a long stick and thoroughly rubbed the tip with catnip leaves. I then reached into his hiding place with this drug laced stick. The transformation was instantaneous. The cat slavishly followed the tip of the stick out of the bushes and onto the lawn. He then rolled over on his side and begged for more. He wouldn’t stand up and he still wouldn’t let me hold him. However, as long as I kept the stick rubbed in catnip he would squirm towards it like an inchworm. Little by little we coaxed him to the front door. We left him plenty of food. I am not sure if catnip will give him the munchies.

I am not really that pleased that we had to resort to drugging the cat even if it was a “natural” high using catnip. However, it seemed easier than explaining to our neighbor that we couldn’t get the cat in the house so we left him to sleep outside and deal with the neighborhood foxes. I hope my catnip plant grows vigorously enough to supply plenty of leaves for the next week.


Michelle said…
As a former cat owner, I found this to be pretty funny.

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