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The Lord's Bounty

Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty

The Lord’s bounty has certainly been good to us these past few days. Saturday morning I found myself with no soccer games, Scouting activities, or committee meetings. So I availed myself of the local farmer’s market. The farmers come from Virginia and West Virginia to purvey their produce. There are also a few bakers with fresh baked loaves. The beekeeper from the National Zoo offers local honey. A nearby dairy sells fresh cheese.

I was literally overwhelmed with the variety and abundance. It took great self-restraint to limit myself to what our family could realistically consume within a week. I ended up with a few pounds of perfectly ripe peaches, a mess of green beans, a pint of blueberries, a pint of the biggest blackberries I have ever seen, and a dozen ears of sweet corn. I also treated my husband to a baguette of jalepeno-sundried tomato bread.

The tomatoes on my deck are ripening so Saturday night we indulged in the first home grown tomatoes of the season. I also plucked a bell pepper from its stem and had it sliced and on the table within fifteen minutes. Those peaches became a luscious peach pie. The corn had been picked Friday night so it was less than twenty-four hours old when I cooked the first six ears. Garrison Keillor says fresh sweet corn is better than sex. I’ll make no such comparisons but I will say this corn was so naturally sweet and tasty it needed nothing but a dash of salt to be perfect.

I do appreciate the convenience and variety of my local grocery store. But there is something reverent and holy about farm fresh food. God’s blessings are so visible when I buy directly from the grower or harvest my own little garden. God bless all the farmers who bring this little piece of heaven to us on earth.


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