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Road Trip Update

After frantic last minute packing I did make it out the door for our road trip. Of course, soccer fans that we are, we had to stop around 2:00 and find a restaurant with a television so we could watch the World Cup finals. We managed to find a Max and Erma's outside of Charlotte, NC that was not very busy at that time of day so they were happy to seat us in the bar in front of the television. The bartender said they are supposed to keep the television on ESPN unless they have a customer request so our request allowed the staff to watch the World Cup. We were very happy to oblige. We had lunch cheered on the Italians for three hours. Of course it went to overtime then PK's. It set our schedule back a bit, but then we found that our Google Map time estimate was about three hours too long so we arrived in Atlanta much earlier than expected. We are off to check out Georgia Tech tomorrow. I am curious what Child #3 will think of it. She is just starting to do some serious college searching.

After our Georgia Tech adventure we will continue south towards Houston. Keep all of us summer travelers in your prayers!


Esperu said…
Denise, since you were on your trip, you weren't at the 10:30 Mass. You missed your pastor telling the congregation that if they were using contraception or had been sterilized and not confessed it, that they shouldn't present themselves for communion.

Sorry you weren't there, I was hoping to read your reaction.
Michelle said…
Google Maps is good for local estimates, but for time estimates on out of state trips is absolutely unreliable. Mapquest does a good job with driving times...and they have the ability to do multiple destinations, too.

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