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A taste of home

I am back! After a lovely three weeks of flitting about the Southeast USA, I am home in Virginia again. My internet access was extremely limited by my parents’ very old computer (original version of iMac still using operating system 9.2) and dial-up internet service. Since I wasn’t carrying a laptop, I couldn’t even take advantage of the high speed service in the hotels. In all honesty, it was an inconvenience at times, but overall, it was probably good to break the connection for a little while and rediscover life outside of cyberspace. I think it will take a few days for me to get my writing back on track, but I am looking forward to catching up on the news and happenings in the blogosphere.

The lack of internet access was more than compensated for by my parents’ steady supply of Bluebell Ice Cream. Bluebell Ice Cream is what keeps me thinking we will have to eventually move from our Virginia home. We began the visit with the family gold standard for great ice cream, Bluebell Cookies and Cream. We then branched out to the Bluebell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Bluebell Buttered Pecan. On our second day in Houston, I noted an article in the paper about a limited edition Bluebell flavor that was only going to be available until the end of July: Chocolate Covered Strawberries. The Bluebell web site describes this flavor as “smooth, creamy vanilla ice cream blended with succulent strawberries, chocolate strawberry hearts and a rich, milk chocolate sauce swirl”. The quest was on.

Every time my mother and I were in a grocery store I searched for this dreamy sounding variety. Krogers was sold out. Randalls was sold out. It was nowhere to be found. When my daughter and I flew to Greensboro, North Carolina for her soccer tournament we were a bit dejected since we had not found this new taste of heaven. Little did we know that Greensboro is part of Bluebell Country. We popped into the local Walgreens for moleskin and there in the freezer section was an inviting pink half-gallon treasure. We could barely contain our excitement. I am sure the store clerk thought we had lost our minds.

I will tell you this ice cream is everything it promised to be. It did not disappoint us in any way. Bluebell’s perfect homemade tasting vanilla held rich ripe strawberries coated in the creamiest tasting chocolate shell. Chocolate sauce ribbons were swirled throughout.

I guess I can hold out in Virginia as long as I keep traveling to Bluebell’s distribution area one or two times a year. North Carolina may become a more frequent destination. I will be smiling on Interstate 95 as I enjoy a sweet reminder of my Texas home.


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