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Musings and Prayers for Age Twelve

Today marks a milestone. Youngest child turns twelve! All my chicks have to pay adult prices at the movies now and no one qualifies for the kid’s menu anymore. Twelve is an interesting age. He still likes to give me a hug and snuggle close on the couch when we watch TV. But he is starting middle school in a few weeks and wants to make sure I know he can take care of himself. He can sit for hours playing with Legos. Yet, he is also on the computer instant messaging friends. He is on the cusp between little boy and young man.

He watches in awe as his older siblings begin to strike out on their own. A couple of weeks ago he announced he would follow in his older brother’s footsteps and “go to Texas A & M, join the Corps of Cadets, join the Army, and learn to say ‘HOOWAH!’” It is good to have goals. However, I know he finds it sad when our dinner table has fewer places set. He just can’t fathom that in just a few weeks we will be down to two parents and two kids at supper because the older boys will be off to college. I don’t think even the prospect of his moving into their larger bedroom eases the void of their absence.

I pray for all my kids every day. Today I offer a special prayer for my little man:

May you always find the path of righteousness and holiness. May your guardian angel (or two!) walk closely by your side. May you discover and delight in the gifts God has given you. May you hear God’s voice as he calls you to your vocation. As you enter middle school, remember that even though I may not be there to give you a “mommy look”, I have asked St. Monica (my patron saint of nagging mothers) to give you a “mommy look” from heaven when needed. May you always know you are loved and cherished by your family on earth and the Holy Family in Heaven. In Christ’s Name I pray. Amen.


Nancy said…
My oldest is 14 1/2. He's finishing up his 3rd week at an intense geometry/academic "camp" (residential in college dorms). This is after one week at Scout camp. I miss him, and I continue to be thrown off by his deepening voice. I'm sure he's grown at least an inch or two since he left last month. My cuddly, Velcro child, 11 yo girl, was gone last week for sewing camp. Having them both gone reminds me of the work we have yet to do as they move towards greater indepence and adulthood. My son launches in 3 years. I pray we are giving him all the tools he needs to remain Godly, and faithful even as he ventures out on his own

May God bless your "baby" as he continues on his way.
Lynne said…
Today's my daughter's 15th birthday! I'm happy at the way she's turning out but we have the rocky high school years ahead...

I loved your prayer. I hope you don't mind if I cut and pasted it into my prayer journal?

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