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Sacramentals for the College Student

Second Son left for college today. He will soon be 1500 miles away from home and out of sight except for the occasional iChat video conferences. (I do love our iMacs!) Last night I sat with him as he packed the last of his things. I just kept reviewing the last eighteen years and wondering, “Have I told him everything he needs to know? Did I skip over some important piece of information?” With four kids it is easy to lose track of who knows what.

As I reviewed his final round of packing I made sure he had a good supply of sacramentals. He received a small desk-top crucifix for graduation. He has at least one Rosary. I kept pressing holy cards on him. St. Michael, St. Monica, St. Augustine, St. Benedict. He had already packed his Bible.

He is very patient with me as I fret about his spiritual well-being. I really am not worried. He seems to be pretty grounded in his faith. I was also interested in his take on all the Catholic paraphernalia I was sending with him. He told me appreciated it but he would let his Catholicism publicly unfold gradually. He said, “If I wear my Faith too conspicuously I hear minds shut as I approach. It is better to let them discover my Catholicism after they know other things about me first.”

I do understand his point. I don’t expect him to make a shrine in his dorm room. If the holy cards occupy a place in his desk drawer, that’s okay too. I know he will see them occasionally and remember his mom and a whole bunch of saints are praying for him. I hope he will then remember to say a prayer too.


March Hare said…
I know what you mean about losing track of "what kid knows what." I couldn't believe it when DS#1 told me one day that he didn't know how to pray the Rosary--after 8 years of Catholic school! How did I miss that one???

Needless to say, I made sure the other three were at least acquainted with the prayer.
Argent said…
We drop off Son #1 next week. He's been away all summer working so it's given us time to learn a new dynamic. LOL on the sacramentals. We got him a rosary blessed by Pope Benedict, a St. Benedict home protector kit, holy cards, a Vladimir Madonna icon among other things. Tell me that I won't weep. My friends here have been listening to my concerns all summer long. Monday he's got an appointment with our pastor for a blessing....Sigh...tell me I won't weep in the parking lot when we say goodbye. He's only going to be 5 hours away in the DC area. So it's not like your son being 1500 miles away.
Catholic Mom said…
500 or 1500 miles it is still an adjustment. Don't worry about weeping. I was wiping away tears as I said goodbye at Reagan National Airport. What school is your son attending? He will be in my stomping grounds now. I am just outside DC in Northern Virginia.
Fidei Defensor said…
Me and my roomate both had Holy Cards of saints and pictures of the Pope on our desks, we also had a Vatican flag in the room, I had a crucifix on my side and we both had rosaries visible and though most students we know were either secularists or evangelical protestants no one once ever had a negative word towards us.

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