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Where are our Bishops? Right here!

A few days ago I wrote Where are our bishops? Well, here are a few answers.

Bishop Doran of Rockford, IL doesn't tread softly when he address the seven "secular sacraments:

The seven “sacraments” of their secular culture are abortion, buggery, contraception, divorce, euthanasia, feminism of the radical type, and genetic experimentation and mutilation.

Then Archbishop Chaput takes on Christian-Muslim relations.

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput spoke out this week against the promulgation of lies regarding the history of Christian-Muslim relations. In his weekly Denver Catholic Register column, Chaput said that recent fallacious statements by a Denver-area Islamic leader, who reportedly claimed that Muslims have never tried to force conversions to their faith, do nothing to advance the causes of peace or interreligious understanding.

Bishop Roger J. Foys of Covington, KY is trying to bring some moral order to his diocese.

Covington Bishop Roger J. Foys took charge here at a time of scandals and widespread morale problems in the parishes. The synod he convened for priests and faithful representing every parish in Kentucky's 14 northernmost counties was a shrewd and unifying response. Church renewal ultimately is about renewing communities. Even if the policy-setting doesn't inspire unanimous consent, it is a great service in helping to clarify the moral principles at stake for Catholics and those of other faiths.

Some policy statements speak to pressing organizational matters such as greater transparency in church finances or developing procedures to better address legitimate grievances within the church. But most others take up formidable challenges posed by our high-speed, instant-gratification culture, including what church leaders often call the culture of death. Besides the predictable respect-for-life policies regarding abortion, end-of-life decisions and capital punishment, the synod didn't dodge sensitive issues such as grade-appropriate "chastity education" at all levels of Catholic education or sexual temptations for priests, and even took on such daunting missions as trying to restore Sunday as the "Lord's Day...

The diocese, joining only a handful of dioceses nationwide, also ratcheted up requirements for engaged couples who must take a full course in natural family planning before marriage.

God bless these shepherds and may more of our bishops follow suit!


Rosemary Bogdan said…
Yes, these examples are very inspiring. May more and more bishops be filled with courage and boldly speak the truth to us sheep, who are so easily confused

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