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This morning I was catching up on Gerald Augustinus’ blog. One thread had a particularly disturbing comment by “Elizabeth”:

Yesterday I was unfortunate enough to sit through a Mass by a Grumbleton wannabe. I'm sure this priest eats up everything Grumbleton has every written or said.

(Father) Xyz began the Mass with:

“For those of you unfortunate enough to know me, I am Xyz
For those who are fortunate to not know me, you will soon find out why.”

For the penitential rite:

“We gather to show our gratitude to God. Let us think of what we are grateful for.”

During the homily the priest told the congregants:
• ”the Church teaching about women not being ordained is stupid. The Church is saying they (women) are unclean.”
• “homosexuals who want to make love to each other are not welcome in the Church, this is stupid.”
• “it doesn’t matter what form of dress you wear to Mass, shorts and flip-flops are fine”
He lifted his alb, (no chasuble), to show he had on shorts.

• “Anyone who any of this bothers is judgmental.”

This is what I personally witnessed:

• The priest’s hands in pants pockets during intercessory prayer.
• Three consecrated hosts fell on the floor behind the altar because of a plastic saucer was used instead of a ciborium or bowl. He must have caught the Hosts with the sleeve of his alb.
• He then walked on the Hosts.
• He then distributed communion expecting the communicant (the extraordinary ministers) to self communicate; for them to take the host from the plastic saucer themselves.
• The Presider sat in his chair throughout Holy Communion distribution

• His version of the GIRM:
Priest: The Lord is with you. Response: And also with you. Priest: Thank you
• After the Lamb of God he announces:
“Come receive what you are and become what you receive.”

Now I have written about Masses that push the limits of liturgical correctness, but poor Elizabeth’s experience is beyond the pale.

Pray for the Diocese that endures such a priest. Pray that this priest may have a conversion and accept Catholicism or leave the Church so that he no longer precipitates such scandal.


Tony said…
Your links are bad on this one.
Catholic Mom said…
Thanks, Tony. I think they are working now.
Rosemary Bogdan said…
This priest sounds possessed. Could this really be a priest?? Why is he not being corrected by the bishop?? I pray that he will be.
Michelle said…
I don't normally recommend fleeing a parish because of one bad priest. But in this case...

...well, I think if I saw my Lord and God in the form of the Host being trampled upon, that would do it for me.
Anonymous said…
I'm new to this site (did a search on 7th grade and CCD) - when I read about this priest. Still trying to catch my breath, I cannot believe he dropped Christ himself and then walked on him. I know Once a priest always a priest, but this guy (SHAME ON BE FOR being judgemental - but stepping on Christ like that!). One thing did pop into my head when he talked about dress "code" and he had shorts on underneath. -He still had the Vestments on, if what we were to celebrate mass doesn't matter, why did he wear the vestments - sp???

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