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Saturday, October 14, 2006

I am so glad that wasn't my daughter!

The Washington Post is certainly covering a lot of sex ed programs lately. A few days ago they highlighted a human sexuality course at the University of Maryland. Yesterday they wrote about an abstinence program in Loudoun County. The WaPo article focused on the speaker's Evangelical Christian background. The ACLU was keeping a close eye on the program to make sure there was no mention of religion as the presenter advocated sexual abstinence.

What caught my eye were the interviews with students. The Post quoted the reactions of different students.

Students gave Deltano mixed reviews. Many cheered and laughed at his jokes; some blushed. Afterward, sophomore Megan Patlen, 15, said that she loved it.

"Abstinence is definitely the way to go," she said, describing herself as Christian.

Junior *********, 16, said she didn't like how abstinence was "pressed" on her in her sex-education lessons and in the assembly.

"Although it's not about Christianity, there is an underlying conservative belief," she said, which she said she does not agree with.

I just can’t bring myself to publish the girl’s name who didn’t like abstinence “pressed” on her even though the Washington Post identified her. I really can’t imagine what the Post reporter was thinking to include her name in the story. How would you like to have your daughter quoted in the Washington Post saying she didn’t believe in sexual abstinence? Who needs names and numbers written in bathroom wall graffiti? This girl has her willingness to have sex publicized courtesy of one of the biggest newspapers in the country. I really can understand a sixteen-year-old girl not appreciating the ramifications of her statement. I think it was exploitive for the Washington Post reporter to allow this child to expose herself in this way. I wonder if her parents are mortified. I know I would be.


Rosemary Bogdan said...

Seems like they should have to ask her parents' permission before quoting her by name.. especially on such a sensitive subject.

Catholic Wife and Mother said...

Remember, though, the other girl quoted said:

"Abstinence is definitely the way to go," she said, describing herself as Christian.

Katie Couric might tell us that many Americans find this sentiment "repugnant."

Yes, I wouldn't want my daughter quoted in this manner, either. Sadly, I don't think every parent out there would be upset by it.