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So Many Books, So Little Time....

Karen Hall links us to this Quiz about Catholicism. It is from 1993 and the author, Karl Keating states that he gave this quiz to a group of Catholic business leaders. Few got more than half the questions correct. However, the score reports in Karen’s comment box look pretty good. Maybe we really have made progress in Catholic catechesis.

In case you find you need a little refresher course after taking the above quiz, Jennifer at et tu, Jen? has performed an invaluable service. She has compiled a very thorough reading list for Catholics. She has even included it in a PDF so it is easy to file for future reference. She covers everything from the basic doctrine to improving your prayer life. Thank you, Jen!!!

Rich Leonardi points us to two books by Diane Moczar, Don’t Know Much About Catholic History and Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know. This sounds exactly like what I am looking for to develop a Church history course for adult education in our parish.

Like her "Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know," Diane Moczar's "Don't Know Much About Catholic History" is a perfect introduction to its subject. The difference lies in the format. While "Ten Dates" uses ten historical vantage points to view the role of divine action -- Providence -- in Christian civilization, "Don't Know Much" is more of a survey of critical events, from the Roman era until the outbreak of the Protestant movement.

Well, I don’t know about you, but my wish list for books just grew exponentially.


Jennifer F. said…
Thanks for the link! I do hope the list might be helpful to others. Reading through that list makes me motivated to step up my reading -- I just have to read every one of those!
Seamus said…
With respect to question # 14 of his quiz, Mr. Keating is wrong when he claims that going to confession at least once a year is not a precept of the Church. Paragraph # 2042 of The Catechism of the Catholic Church say the exact opposite of what Mr. Keating is claiming.

CCC # 2042
Rich Leonardi said…
He makes that point in his "What Catholics Really Believe" book. FWIW. I recall it striking me as an odd point.
Anonymous said…
Well, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Karl Keating to acknowledge his mistake. Karl is one very arrogant man, particularly if you question his judgment. For example, I once asked him on the Catholic Answers forums why he, a lawyer and an author, was paying a ghost writer $65,000 to write appeal letters from him. Suffice it to say, he banned me from his forums and was rather rude in his e-mail letter to me -- and I was a financial supporter of Catholic Answers at the time. He never did answer my question.

Incidentally, I learned about the ghost writer and his salary -- along with being able to see what Karl pays himself -- by looking at the tax return that Catholic Answers filed with the IRS. Because they are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, their annual tax returns are open to public inspection. An organization called places the tax returns of many non-profits on their web site. You can view them online for free.

Click Here To See Catholic Answers Last Tax Return

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