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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I am so proud of our priests!

I have written so many times about how blessed we are to have the three priests assigned to our parish. Each serves the parish in his own unique way. This past week’s National Catholic Register features a great profile of our youngest parochial vicar, Fr. James Searby. (For a limited time the print version of the National Catholic Register is available online).

Today at Holy Spirit parish, where he’s served since being ordained in June 2005, Father Searby brings that sense of holy adventure to youth — and makes promoting confession a keystone of his priestly ministry.

“He has a great zest for life and particularly seems to connect with young people,” says Father Edward Hathaway, pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in Front Royal, Va. “They’re attracted to him for his enthusiasm as a priest and his love for the Church, which is evident.”

Holy Spirit’s youth minister, Christine Najarian, sees that process constantly unfolding. “He gets kids excited about seeking the Lord and growing in holiness,” she explains. “He definitely models it and speaks it.”

No wonder the number of attendees for the church’s annual teen retreat weekend nearly doubled this year. The number of boys quadrupled. Afterwards, when Najarian asked the young Catholics where they’d grown most, she consistently got the same answer: in confession.

“Father preaches a lot on the need for confession,” she says. “The kids have taken that challenge and now make confession an important part of their lives.”

You can also hear Fr. Searby preach on his podcasts found here.

Fr. Searby does not try to attract young people to the Church by making the Church blend in to the popular culture. Rather, he gives the young and old alike the Truth of the Gospel. He speaks clearly about sin and about forgiveness. He promotes reverent liturgies with a generous helping of Latin. He is ardently devoted to Our Lady. He brings to life the stories of the saints. Our parish is so blessed to have him.


Renee said...

It's decided; I am moving. I want to come to your parish. My dh is Army; sure we can find a slot for him. :)
Your parish sounds like everything my family needs....

Anonymous said...

We met Fr. Searby when he was a seminarian attending our parish. During school breaks, he always returned to serve Mass and was a terrific mentor to the altar boys. He is very much missed, as our current priests have little interest in training or otherwise working with the servers.

Catholic Mom said...

We are so blessed because all three of our priests are anxious to serve as mentors and role models to the young men of our parish. In addition to the priests working with the altar servers, Fr. Horkan is the Boy Scout Chaplain. He attends the meetings in a Boy Scout uniform with a Roman collar and often shows up to see the campers off with a blessing. It is truly remarkable.

Anonymous said...

Our parish used to be similarly blessed, but our current priests seem to have other priorities than serving as mentors and role models to the young men.
Fortunately, our sons attend a school affiliated with Opus Dei, where the priests are always available for confession and spiritual direction, and the young male teachers are wonderfully enthusiastic role models. Fr. Searby's own father and his younger brother both teach there....