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Monday, November 13, 2006

Solebury School and Planned Parenthood are Old Friends

Last week I published an update about the controversy sparked by the Solebury School field trip to Planned Parenthood. Well, I happened upon a little more information today. It seems that this is not the first partnership between Solebury School and Planned Parenthood. Back in April, Solebury School students organized a 5K run to benefit Planned Parenthood. Specifically, this run would benefit the Planned Parenthood Rainbow Room. As the web page proclaims:

“As Solebury School students, we value the importance of equal rights for all in every community. We embrace the spirit of inclusiveness and equality that exists at Solebury School and the community of the Rainbow Room.”

What is the Rainbow Room?

The Rainbow Room strives to provide a supportive, and empowering environment for LGBTQ youth and allies to come together for social, educational and recreational activities. We value the leadership and active participation of youth in program planning and operations.

Its newsletter includes articles like this:

The Resignation of Justice
By: Grant

As we all know, the first female Supreme Court Justice is resigning upon the confirmation of a suitable replacement by Congress. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has served on the Court for almost 24 years now, and she's done some pretty amazing things in her time. Being the most center-justified person in the highest court in the land, Ms. O'Connor has taken a fairly moderate view to most of the cases she was involved with. In the all-important Roe v. Wade case, she was one of the deciding factors to legalize abortion.
Now, with George W's nomination and Senate’s confirmation of Samuel Alito, your picture-perfect Republican- who knows what might happen in the coming years? Alito is just what this country doesn't need... a man who thinks that a woman's body can be controlled by the government's religious bias. In a time of ever-increasing right wing political power, and the gap between church and state shrinking by the minute, could the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade be overturned? What does that mean for the rest of us? Say, in particular, the LGBTQA community? Well, things don't look so great. With dissent for so-called "alternative lifestyles" at an all time high, and the country more red than ever before, abortion rights look to be in trouble, along with gay marriage rights, domestic partnership in general, and government tolerance. This is surely a time of instability and insecurity, if this reporter has ever seen one. What can we, as a community, do? Continue to stick tight, stay proud, and exercise our rights as human beings and U.S. citizens by letting our voices be heard by all, especially those in Washington.

I am guessing Grant is happier now that the mid-term elections are over. Isn’t it wonderful that Solebury School has partnered with the community. Too bad I don’t see them partnering with a crisis pregnancy center.

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Karey Meysenburg said...

It doesn't make a good impression for the person's liberal cause when he can't even get the history right, OConnor wasn't on the Supreme court at the time of Roe v. Wade. Sad. Karey