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Back from Memphis

I’ve just returned from a wonderful soccer weekend spent outside of Memphis. For you soccer parents out there, I highly recommend this tournament especially if your team is of the college recruiting age. The soccer complex was spectacular and we a great turnout of college coaches. For those of you not in the soccer world, colleges do not recruit soccer players from their high school teams as happens in other sports. The best soccer players play on club teams and travel to showcase tournaments. The college coaches attend these tournaments and recruit players there. Our girls won the tournament championship this weekend and got lots of looks from colleges so it was a very successful weekend.

As always, we found a local church and attended Mass on Sunday. Church of the Incarnation looked to be very close when I checked the online map. When we got to the hotel we found the hotel parking lot and the church parking lot were separated by only a thin strip of grass. Convenient indeed!

The parish has just completed their brand new sanctuary. It is lovely. The tabernacle is centrally located behind the altar. The celings are high with arched entrances and alcoves. A huge bay window to one side houses a beautiful statue of Blessed Mother. I noticed they are still collecting funds for an organ but are using a piano in the meantime. The adult choir was a very pleasing mixture of male and female voices. We opened with On Jordan’s Banks. Throughout the Mass the hymns were thoughtfully chosen to reinforce the Scriptures of the day. And not a Haugen or Haas or Shutte tune in the bunch!

After reading the amazing Mass stories on the blogosphere or after a visit to some of the parishes in the neighboring diocese, I feel like I must be living in an enclave of orthodoxy here in the Diocese of Arlington Virginia. Then I do a little traveling and find that more times than not, the Mass is very much in accord with the GIRM and the Eucharist is the center of the parish community. Have I just been lucky or do you find that to be true as well?


Anonymous said…
I'm so happy you enjoyed attending Mass at our parish. I'm an Incarnation parishioner who likes your blog.
Catholic Mom said…
You have a wonderful parish. Your new sanctuary should serve as a model for taking advantage of a modern look without losing a traditional feel.
Anonymous said…
Our parish is mixed. The pastor regularly leaves out elements of the mass such as the penetential rite and the Gloria prayer. He also does his own silent rendition of the offeratory prayer and he always uses the shortest Eucharistic prayer.

On the other hand, our associate pastor sticks to the GIRM.

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