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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Such a Simple Procedure at Yale

This is one group at a secular university. If Yale wants to host such affairs it is within their constitutional rights to do so. Yet I feel physically ill as I read the accounts of the activities planned at Yale to celebrate and endorse Roe v. Wade.

On Thursday, the Yale Medical Students for Choice will host workshop on manual vacuum aspiration for medical students, using a papaya as a uterine model. Manual vacuum aspiration is a surgical abortion method that uses a syringe to remove the fetus from a woman’s uterus. Merritt Evans MED ’09 said she thought it was important to have the workshop because the procedure can be used for a variety of different purposes — including miscarriage management and the treatment of a failed medical abortion or ectopic pregnancy — and is inconsistently taught in medical school.

While the workshop is targeted towards medical students, undergraduates are also invited to attend.

“The reason I wanted to include other people is that it is such a simple procedure, but the media attention around it … makes this an emotionally traumatic and a complicated thing,” Evans said. “It’s just to be like, ‘Here is what actually happens, here is what the medical procedure is like, this is what an aborted yolk sac looks like.’ It looks like a piece of cotton.”

“It looks like a piece of cotton.” “It’s just a blob of tissue” “…such a simple procedure”. The appearance of the aborted child does not alter the reality that it is a real human person. It was conceived and created in God’s image. It has a soul. That soul continues to live after the “simple procedure”. May God have mercy on the souls of those who don’t understand this.

H/T Dawn Eden for the link

I am afraid the link above to the Yale Daily News no longer works. It seems all the traffic from various mentions in the blogosphere have crashed the server


Anonymous said...

God help those Yale medical students! I know Yale has a strong pro-life student group and they have been doing amazing work on campus.
Judy M.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

"such a simple procedure" It's chilling.