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I have worn many labels (Not in any particular order): Catholic, Wife, Mom,Gramma, Doctor, Major, Soccer Mom, Military Wife, Professor, Fellow.

All of these filter my views of the world. I hope that like St. Monica, I can through prayer, words and example, lead my children and others to Faith.
"The important thing is that we do not let a single day go by in vain without putting it to good use for eternity"--Blessed Franz J├Ągerst├Ątter

Monday, February 12, 2007

Almost--- Sigh.

Alas! I was actually nominated but whoever submitted the nomination did not include a category so my blog cannot be considered for an award. Oh well. We'll try again next year. In any case, there are lots of really great blogs that are eligible for awards so go take a look.


Sarah said...

OH NO!!! *blushing* What is it that makes me leave this comment, Catholic Mom, when I suspect I may have been the evil nominator of huge ignorance? EEK! You're the best in MY world. Next year, I will be more diligent!!! :) {{hugs}} in recompense...

ukok said...

You're in good company...many great catholic blogs I have frequented for years also did not make the list, but that's okay, there's still something to be said for accepting the lower place graceously, IMHO


Catholic Mom said...

Sarah, No apologies needed. Of course I will always take a hug. I was just thrilled to have anyone notice! God Bless!