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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

God has it figured out--not me!

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of including both the devotional and the active as part of our faith. I must pray, study and reflect, but then I must put my faith into action in the world. Of course, writing that piece was a form of reflection and I began to wonder if I could be doing more of the action thing. I am a reader and a writer so it seems very natural to study and reflect. Prayer gets worked in there too. But I am not so sure I get my hands dirty enough in the action part. It is very easy to write a check and I know it is appreciated. Yet I find it much easier to sacrifice money than to sacrifice time. So I did some praying yesterday in Mass for some guidance.

I was thinking I probably could take some time to do some really deep digging in our closets and get some clothes and coats to our local homeless shelter. Maybe I could figure out one morning a week to volunteer at a food pantry. Of course after Mass I was immediately sucked into the daily grind of managing the household and I took no initiative to look into the “feed the hungry” or “clothe the naked” opportunities. Then last night as we are finishing up the dinner dishes I got a phone call. Our DRE was on the line. It seems that a high school student has just entered the RCIA program and would like to enter the Church at Easter. He has been raised as a fairly nominal Christian. She was wondering if I would be willing to give him some one-on-one teaching to help catch him up with the rest of the RCIA class? I think our DRE has figured out that I don’t know how to say, ”No” to her. Well, I did pray for something else to do. I guess this is an answer to that prayer. To instruct the ignorant is one of the spiritual works of mercy.

Once again I am reminded it is His will not my will that I need to be heeding. I thought I had it all figured out. Then God said, “Go ahead and clean out your closets, but what I really need is for you to teach.” Pray for this young man as he begins this conversion process. And pray that the Holy Spirit will guide me through his instruction.

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Jersey Fan said...

Your writing is putting your (our) faith into action! Whether you realize it or not, many people like myself look to your blog each day. We learn from you; we are inspired by you. Again, you are doing the work of the angels. Keep writing!!