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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New York City Taxes at Work

Leave it to New York to have an official city condom.(Do go to the link and see the video).

If you need to buy flowers or chocolate for your Valentine on Wednesday, you're on your own. The condoms, however, are free courtesy of New York City.

Taking advantage of the holiday for lovers, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration was to unveil the official city condom in midtown Manhattan, where volunteers were to hand them out free at Fifth Avenue and 50th Street.

The health department's condom program already distributes 1.5 million free condoms each month, but the regular wrapper doesn't allow for tracking the effectiveness of the effort. Officials hope that will change with the new design, which is said to revolve around a subway theme, with different colors for the various train lines.

Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden recently told The Associated Press that the distinctive wrapper will provide the opportunity to include questions about the condom on the city's annual health survey.

Now I guess they are not at all worried about offending the sensibilities of the Catholics in New York. As artificial contraception, not to mention extra-marital sexual activity are expressly forbidden for Catholics, this is definitely an affront to our faith. I wonder if they would be similarly insensitive to Jews and Muslims and hand out the official New York City pork sandwich to those who are hungry.

(H/T to Gerald for the link)


rich said...

Amazing isn't it? With STD's rampant the city perfers to endorse "safe sex" rather than responsible sex. May God help them all.

Catholic Mom said...

What I find even more amazing is that this isn't just handing out free condoms at a city health clinic. This is an in-your-face confrontation out of the blue as you get off the subway. How insulting!

Anonymous said...

so, why is it an afront to some faith? i mean yes it is, but i would rather the government think about safe sex and stopping STDs, then about faith.

Kasia said...

It's not just an affront to Catholics, incidentally; Orthodox Jews also reject artificail birth control. I don't know about Muslims.

I'd rather the government think about things like governing than assuming that everyone who gets off the subway needs a condom. Public health *is* a legitimate concern of government, but aren't there better ways of addressing STDs than throwing condoms at passersby?