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These People are Defending John Edwards

An organization which call itself Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good sent out the following communiqué to major Catholic writers like Mark Shea and Amy Welborn. (I didn’t get one. I’m still just part of the amateurs. Sigh.)

I saw that you've been covering this story; and wanted to give you a different perspective on it than you’ve seen from some other Catholic groups. While we certainly find some of the writings of those junior staffers repulsive, I think most Catholics have a different take on this. Happy to talk.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good Executive Director Alexia Kelley issued the following statement today in response to the controversy over the John Edwards campaign’s hiring of netroots consultants who had made insensitive remarks regarding Catholicism:

"Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good condemns these and all religiously intolerant remarks. We accept Senator Edwards' assurances that he too was offended by comments made by recently-hired staffers and that religious intolerance has no place in his campaign. Catholics comprise more than one quarter of the U.S. public, and neither John Edwards nor any other candidate can afford to take this constituency for granted."

"We hope this unfortunate incident will initiate a deeper conversation on the part of all presidential candidates regarding the broad range of issues and values of primary importance to the Catholic community, including the Iraq War, a concern for the poor, human life and dignity, the availability of health care, and a commitment to the common good."

The director of this group is Alexia Kelly, a former campaign staffer for religious affairs for John Kerry. She covered similar issues for the DNC. Please note that as she lists the broad range of issues and values of primary importance to the Catholic community she conveniently leaves out pro-life issues like abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research. A look at their web site shows all the Catholic clergy and religious who represent them. Not exactly a brilliant collection of orthodoxy. I am particularly amused with the bio for Patricia A. Daly, OP. Please note the pearls around her neck. Is there something wrong with a nun wearing a crucifix or a miraculous medal? Oh, wait! That might give away that she is supposed to be Catholic.

Patricia Daly is a Dominican Sister of Caldwell and serves as the Executive Director of the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment, an organization of 35 Catholic Dioceses and Religious Congregations in the NY metropolitan area. Sr. Daly represents these institutional investors to the national Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, a consortium of religious organizations holding more than $110 billion in investments. Sr. Daly engages companies and investors on environmental, social and corporate governance concerns, with a particular focus on global warming.

I am so happy to know that Sr. Daly is ready to take on the evil corporate giants over global warming. I am sure she would be just as tenacious in defending the right to life from conception to natural death. It was just an oversight that wasn’t mentioned.

As far as I can tell this is just another group that has hijacked the name Catholic. Take a look at Mark Shea’s response to them:

Anything less than an immediate firing of these skirted Klansmen is a clear indication the Edwards is utterly unfit for the White House. Don't be whores for this dirtbag. Stop making excuses and demand that he get rid of these clownettes.

In my humble opinion, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good should read Nominal Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good of the Democratic Party.


Leticia said…
Great post, I'm linking to it, let's make some noise, and defend the Bride of Christ from dishonor!
Barb, sfo said…
eeek...I was educated in high school by Caldwell Dominicans (early 1980s) and they seem to have gotten even more extreme since then! 25 years ago they were still wearing habits or at least all-white suits, complete with crucifix, medal, or Dominican emblem. The politics, though--looking back, I can see that it was coming. But it's the kind of thing you completely miss when you are a young teen who hasn't been taught to think critically about what your teachers tell you.
Minor Ripper said…
Edwards is shedding the softie,breck girl image's video proof:
Milehimama said…
Nice. John Edwards is offended by religious intolerance because a 1/4 of Americans are Catholic and he wants their vote, but NOT BECAUSE IT IS WRONG?
Then again, their acronym pretty much sums up what I felt when I read it -
CAGC - gag.
Thomas Shawn said…
I was at padagon, the website of one of the potty mouthed staffers, I was calling on them to start their Catholics for Edwards blog ... so is this it?
Catholic Mom said…
Thomas, This is hardly a pro-John Edwards blog. I am pro living in accordance with the Magisterium, the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church. I hardly think anyone from Pandagon would claim that.
Argent said…
I have the hardest time looking at nuns out of habit.
Milehimama said…
Yes, I'm not in the habit of looking at nuns either.
Or maybe I'm just a grammar nerd and couldn't resist a cheeky remark.
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