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Coffee Comments

I have mentioned on more than one occasion I am a caffeine-based life form. A proper cup of coffee is essential to start my day and a little java keeps me plugging away when the afternoon doldrums hit. Right now I am sipping St. Peter Claver all day blend coffee from the Oregon Jesuits. I mentioned these St. Ignatius blend coffees here. The St. Peter Claver blend is a very smooth coffee. For my first cup in the morning I think I need to brew it a bit stronger. However, later in the day it is just right. Perhaps the St. Francis Xavier French Roast will be better as my morning choice. This is certainly good coffee but I am not so impressed that I feel the need to switch from my customary Larry’s Beans order. I do think these Jesuit inspired coffees would make great gifts for my Catholic coffee-drinking friends.

In other coffee news I just read that McDonalds beat out Starbucks in a coffee taste-test show down. Apparently McDonalds changed its coffee formula and has greatly improved since I last tried it. I really am not surprised that Starbucks lost the competition. I have never cared for Starbucks plain brewed coffee. It always tastes burnt to me. When you drink your coffee hot and black, it needs to be good coffee. Now I do love the various Starbucks lattes. Milk and sweet flavoring can salvage an underlying lesser brew. Even at home I like to use a flavored creamer if I find myself microwaving leftover coffee. I am surprised it was McDonalds that had the upper hand. Perhaps McDonalds has become a bit more scrupulous about keeping their coffee fresh. My complaint with McDonalds coffee has always been it tastes like it has been sitting on the burner for hours.

I haven not given up my coffee for Lent but I have sworn off the coffee house lattes. The money I save will be given to a worthy charity. (Like the Paul Stefan Home for Unwed Mothers) Well, my cup is just about empty so it is time to refill. St. Peter Claver and I will get to our tasks for the day.


lar said…
For some great coffees you should check out While they're not monks the proprietors are married faithful Catholics who try to live life in monk-like simplicity. And they have all their coffee custom blended and roasted. Good stuff! Check it out at
Susie said…
I am a Catholic Mom of 10 and I need coffee to keep me alert.I have found the best tastingcoffee that is truly catholic,and is Fresh Roasted by Real Carmelite Monks is Mystic Monk Coffee. If you like gourmet Coffee that is Fair Trade Organic, Flavored and VERY fresh, you have to try their coffee.
I love that I am supporting a thriving faithfully Catholic religious order with every cup of delicious coffee I drink!r

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