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A Miraculous Pro-Life Effort

Read this article from the Arlington Catholic Herald but be prepared for tears in your eyes and chills up your spine. Fr. Stefan Starzynski has followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit and started the Paul Stefan Home for Unwed Mothers. Learn of the inspiration for this project and the seemingly miraculous events that made it a reality.

During a pilgrimage to Israel in February the following year, Father Starzynski found himself in the Prophet Elijah’s cave praying for a release of the Holy Spirit and for the hopeful project. Upon his return to the parish, Father Starzynski celebrated a Mass, which culminated with a healing service. During the service he felt inspired to tell his congregation that five parishioners who were present would donate $1,000. After the generous act of faith was made, the concrete plans for a home for unwed mothers would commence. As it was divinely ordained, the very next day what the priest had prayerfully predicted came true. Upon receiving exactly $1,000 from five different parishioners, Debbie Patterson, also a parishioner, approached Father Starzynski and told him that her husband would give him two homes and 50 acres of land a few miles from the parish for one dollar a year. “So many extraordinary things have happened … that I almost expect the extraordinary … and lots of miracles,” said the priest, who firmly believes that the project is being guided by the Holy Spirit.
The donation was nothing short of extraordinary and miraculous. Exactly nine months after the baby’s death, the Paul Stefan Home for Unwed Mothers was born. With the help of Randy James and other parishioners, the two homes were renovated. Various people and organizations donated furniture and their services, and one of the homes is already being used.
After living in an area shelter, a young unwed pregnant woman has found a safe haven at the Paul Stefan Home. She went into labor on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and gave birth the next day, exactly one year after Paul Stefan was born and died. “Now, I’m convinced that this is what we’re supposed to be doing,” said Evelyn.

You can learn more about the Paul Stefan Home for Unwed Mothers here.


Rosemary Bogdan said…
Wow. There are no coincidences eith Our Lady of Guadalupe..Praise God.

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