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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Soccer Lesson in Faith

This weekend was supposed to be an exciting one for my daughter. Her travel soccer team is going to be playing in a big tournament. She heard from three college coaches at schools she is very interested in attending that they would be coming to watch her play. This is the way college recruiting is done in soccer. They don’t watch you play for your high school team. They want to see you playing the higher level club soccer.

Unfortunately, things will not go as planned. My daughter does play for her high school team and in Tuesday night’s game she was injured. It is not a severe injury. She should be back to her playing form in a couple of weeks. However, that will be too late to showcase her skills at this tournament. She is feeling pretty heartbroken right now.

No doors have permanently closed yet. There will still be future tournaments. The question is whether or not these coaches will be available to see her then. It feels like a very good opportunity has just vanished.

My daughter had her soccer plans all mapped out but suddenly she isn’t in control anymore. It is times like this we have to just let go. That is so tough for her. After the initial tears and anger, she just has to trust that God has a plan for her. The right things will happen at the right times if we just keep trusting and praying. It just isn’t easy to always recognize what those right things and right times are.

Faith gives us hope at times like this. How sad it would be to see life as nothing more than random twists of fate with no higher purpose. With faith we trust God to bring good fruit from our disappointments. It doesn’t take away all of the sting. But it does make it more bearable when we say, “Thy will—not my will—be done”. This is such a tough lesson. On the one hand my maternal heart aches with her sadness. On the other hand, I am trusting God’s plan to be so much better than anything we could ever devise on our own.


Barb, sfo said...

What a shame for her, after her hard work in training & preparation. I hope that she does come to see that good may come from this situation and to trust in God's timing.

David Jackson said...

Sorry to hear of her injury. Encourage her to trust in Christ, and ask St. Sebastian, patron saint of all athletes, to pray of her. I will keep her in my prayers, too.