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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Boy, does my house smell good! I am just about finished with the last six Irish whiskey cakes for the annual parish youth group fundraiser. This weekend they will be selling theses yummy cakes after every Mass to finance their trip to the Diocesan Work Camp. My daughter will be joining the group this year so I am providing twelve cakes for the sale. Don’t think I am going to share the recipe. That is proprietary information. I do believe our parishioners look forward to this annual event. Even those who gave up sweets for Lent can indulge in one of the cakes since they freeze very well. So if you find yourself in Annandale, Virginia this weekend, feel free to stop by Holy Spirit Catholic Church and pick up one of these culinary creations. They are a perfect dessert for St. Patrick’s Day.


Mattias A. Caro said...

I love being Catholic! In what other religion could you sell a Whiskey Cake for a youth group fundraiser!!! :) That rocks! And they look soooooo good!

Justin said...

They do look delicious! Would you be willing to post the recipe? My wife and I would love to try making those...

Micki said...

Just found your site...I'll be back to read more. It's great.
I showcase holy cards on my site and I'm beginning to wonder if I should add "cake cards"...these are very "inspirational"

Christine Marie said...

I meant to tell you -- the small cakes you made were a hit!! We'll have to add those to the baking options next year :)

Well done! Thanks for all of your help!! It was great to see your whole family together at the 5:30!