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Divine Creation

How on earth does anyone deny the existence of God at this time of the year? In spite of last week’s April snow shower, spring has sprung. Life is bursting forth everywhere. Daffodils fill my garden. Fragrant hyacinths line the front border like giant Easter eggs. Many of my perennials are poking through the earth. I have a couple of Bleeding Heart plants blossoming now.

And, oh, the birds! I have two tubular feeders filled with niger seed on my deck. They are constantly adorned with purple finches and goldfinches. I find the goldfinches particularly intriguing. When I first filled the feeders about three weeks ago, the goldfinches were barely recognizable. They all looked alike—more grubby brown than gold. Over the last few weeks though, the males have shed their winter dullness and put on brilliant yellow. They don’t change all at once. A week ago they still had large splotches of brown marring their bright yellow color. They looked like they had been splashed with mud. Now the yellow shines through clearly. They rival the daffodils.

Farther down in the garden I have a three-pronged bird feeder that, for now, is still impenetrable to the squirrels. One feeder holds peanuts. This is a favorite with three different varieties of wood peckers. Another feeder contains mixed wild bird food. It gathers cardinals, chickadees, bluebirds, and mourning doves.The third prong holds a suet cake that is enjoyed by all. In the woods behind my home I regularly see a pileated woodpecker and a large red tailed hawk. In spite of the hawk’s presence, the squirrels are too numerous to count.

Look very closely at the center of this picture and you will see Mama Mourning Dove sitting on her nest. Actually, click on the picture for the best view. This is right outside my office window. Once when she left the nest I could see that she has four eggs in the nest. I expect there will be little ones soon.

It is just impossible for me to believe that all these wonders of creation are the mere results of random chance. Pope Benedict XVI stirred the evolution/creation debate waters yesterday when he opined that science is too narrow to fully explain creation.

"The question is not to either make a decision for a creationism that fundamentally excludes science, or for an evolutionary theory that covers over its own gaps and does not want to see the questions that reach beyond the methodological possibilities of natural science," the pope said. Rather, scientific and philosophical reason must work together, he said, in a way that does not exclude faith. "I find it important to underline that the theory of evolution implies questions that must be assigned to philosophy and which themselves lead beyond the realms of science," the pope was quoted as saying in the book, which records a meeting with fellow theologians the pope has known for years.

I just love the way Pope Benedict thinks! I have no problem accepting the idea of an evolutionary process. However, I also firmly believe that this evolutionary process was guided by a Divine Hand.


Anonymous said…
I must be getting older. I couldn't see the dove until I clicked on the picture. Ugh! Time to get those eyes checked.
Argent said…
Gardens are wonderful. I was telling a friend recently how gardens teach me a great deal about spiritual virtues.

Thanks for sharing your photos. I'm always interested to see what people have planted.

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