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Monday, April 23, 2007

Get A Mac Across the Pond

We’ve been Mac users since the very first days of the Apple MacIntosh 512K computers. I get a kick out of the Apple get-a-mac ads that feature the bespectacled uptight guy as the PC and the somewhat slovenly but fun-loving guy as the Mac.
I just ran across the British versions of these ads
. I thought these were funnier than the American versions. Yet the British Public doesn’t seem to be enjoying these near as much as Americans are enjoying theirs. What do you think?


Amy Caroline said...

I have been planning that the next time we get a computer it will be a Mac. I can't seem to get the commercial to play for me (seems like the commercial, huh?), I wish I could!

Catholic Mom said...

Make sure you are going to the link in the post and not just clicking on the picture. The picture is not a link.

Bob the Ape said...

Bespectacled, uptight am I,
And never seen minus my tie.
You’ll get my PC
When in Hell you can ski,
So fie on you, Mac person, fie!

ukok said...

Mac's have had a bad rap over here in England for many years due to security issues, inferior quality, computer crashes etc.

I believe that it's getting a much better press nowadays. But if you walk into any UK computer store you'll be confronted with row after row of Windows XP/Vista computers.

Ultimately then, for most people, it isn't even a visible alternative .