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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is there something in the water in St. Louis?

Is there something in the water in St. Louis? First St. Louis University goes to court to establish it is not controlled by either the Catholic Church or the Catholic creed. This in spite of a mission statement that says:

The Mission of Saint Louis University is the pursuit of truth for the greater glory of God and for the service of humanity. The University seeks excellence in the fulfillment of its corporate purposes of teaching, research and community service. It is dedicated to leadership in the continuing quest for understanding of God?s creation, and for the discovery, dissemination and integration of the values, knowledge and skills required to transform society in the spirit of the Gospels. As a Catholic, Jesuit university, the pursuit is motivated by the inspiration and values of the Judaeo-Christian tradition and is guided by the spiritual and intellectual ideals of the Society of Jesus.

Now the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation is butting heads with Archbishop Burke over Sheryl Crow headlining the Catholic charity’s fundraiser. Sheryl Crow is a very public supporter of abortion as well as embryonic stem cell research. Archbishop Burke opposed her performance at the Catholic charity event. The board refused to cancel her performance so Archbishop Burke resigned.

"It's very painful for me," Burke said during a news conference Wednesday. "But I have to answer to God for the responsibility I have as archbishop.

"A Catholic institution featuring a performer who promotes moral evil gives the impression that the church is somehow inconsistent in its teaching," Burke said.

The event organizer doesn’t see a problem with inconsistency:

Event organizer Allen Allred said he was disappointed with Burke's decision, but that Crow would appear Saturday as scheduled.

"This is not an event that's about ideology," Allred said. "This is about helping kids."

I’m sorry. As soon as you put Catholic in your name, it is about ideology. If you want to raise money to help children without a concern for ideology, stop identifying yourself as a Catholic charity. Catholicism is not something we turn on and off. It should pervade every fiber of our being. An organization that claims to be Catholic must adhere to Catholic principles in every aspect. It is a scandal to distance oneself from Catholicism for financial gain. We should not allow the ends to justify evil means.

We are all sinners so there is no way the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation can restrict itself to saints as entertainers. However, someone who has made it a point to travel the country and use her celebrity status to promote embryonic stem cell research and abortion is an inappropriate choice for a Catholic charity.

UPDATE: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is running an online forum about this issue. Lots of Catholic bashing and derogatory comments about Archbishop Burke. It wouldn't hurt to wander over there and give Archbishop Burke some support for staying true to Catholic principles.


Aldara said...

Well I am in st Louis and I am shocked about all this controversy!

Stevie said...

Wow - I went to that St. Louis Today link you gave and am just horrified at the negative reaction that everyone is having to the Archbishop. I guess I am very naive think that Catholics would understand how important it is not to support the culture of death - especially our leaders. How sad. I hope my devout Catholic grandparents from St. Louis don't see the discussion going on there.

katherine said...

Burke is very different from the late John Cardinal O'Connor who would feature pro-aborts Jeanne Kilpatrick and Ed Koch at Catholic events.

ASL Risen said...

Good morning!

I am in St. Louis, too. I don't feel that Archbishop Burke do his good job as a leader and teamwork. I don't see that Archbishop Burke can do very well in teamwork with the Diversity. I did watched Archbishop Burke's video clip but it has no closed captioned on this video link:

Archbishop Burke did show us that he do not want the Deaf Catholic members to understand his comments from his own video clip on both quick time and Windows Media. Archbishop Burke should know better to respect the Deaf Catholic community. I don't feel that he is respecting the Deaf Catholics enuff!

I already did made my own video clip without using the subtitle on this link: (copy and paste):

I feel it is time for Archbishop Burke to resign. Thanks for your own time reading my message.