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New Jersey Christian Terrorists?

I hesitated to blog on this because it is Good Friday and I really don’t want to rant needlessly. However, perhaps Good Friday is exactly the right day to discuss this. According to this news report, school officials in Burlington Township, NJ staged a mock terrorism drill.

BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP — The scenario has played out in real life across America: Gunfire echoes through a school and students are held hostage.

But police, faculty and staff lived out their own make-believe version yesterday of just such a tragedy at Burlington Township High School, complete with Kevlar-clad officers, armed suspects and students portraying the wounded and dead.

Who are these fearsome terrorists? Christians, of course.

Two Burlington Township police detectives portrayed the gunmen. Investigators described them as members of a right-wing fundamentalist group called the “New Crusaders” who don't believe in separation of church and state. The mock gunmen went to the school seeking justice because the daughter of one had been expelled for praying before class.

Was there a reason to specify this was a pair of avenging Christians? Can you imagine the response if the scenario suggested the gunmen were Islamic fundamentalists or gay students seeking revenge on those who didn’t accept their lifestyle? The ACLU would be camped at the schoolhouse door in support of the offended special interest group. However, offending Christians doesn’t merit a single word of protest.

Today we remember how Christ took up his cross and marched steadfastly to Calvary. With complete trust in the Father, he suffered death, but then triumphed over death on Easter Sunday. As Christians in today’s world, we too must take up our cross. Even as our secular society ridicules and sneers at our faith we must place our trust in God. Our triumph will be in Heaven.


Rosemary Bogdan said…
Denise, that is unbelievable. Are any groups complaining? This is so offensive, it reaks of the evil one. I can see why you just had to write this post.
Barb, sfo said…
Many groups are complaining. This is my local area (10 minutes from my home) and we are hearing PLENTY about this.
Catholic Mom said…
I am glad to hear there is some local opposition to this. I thought this was close to your neck of the woods and was hoping you'd give some feedback. Thanks for giving us the update.
Barb, sfo said…
Last I heard, the American Center for Law and Justice were getting into this one.

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