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Monday, April 16, 2007

Only Prayer seems to Make Sense Right Now.

Like the rest of the nation I am in disbelief and heartbroken over the tragedy at Virginia Tech. The senseless loss of life is impossible to comprehend. Like most others living in Virginia, I have friends who have children attending Virginia Tech. My sons are in school in Texas but they have friends who attend Virginia Tech. One son has been scanning the Facebook pages looking for updates from his friends to let him know they are safe. There are two friends in particular he has not been able to reach. I am praying for them.

As I spoke with the mother of a Virginia Tech student she commented on how difficult this is for the students from the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. They first experienced a large scale tragedy on 9/11 when a plane slammed into the Pentagon. Virtually everyone knew someone who lost a friend or loved one in that tragic event. Then in the fall of 2002 the sniper terrorized the area for weeks. Once again, these students were personally affected. Even if they didn’t know a victim personally, their own lives were turned upside down as all outdoors events were canceled. They lived in fear. Now they are waiting for the victim list from the Virginia Tech shootings to be released. Once again they will scan it for friends. They are very personally connected.

My second son is a freshman in college. He is the one still waiting to hear from two of his Virginia Tech friends. He is attending a very small school with just under 3000 undergraduate students. Since he has arrived on campus there have been four student deaths. This evening he commented to me how scary the world has become since he left home. I told him I don’t think the world has changed that much in the last year. I think he is just feeling a bit more exposed now that he is out of the safe haven of home. I am glad he has a strong faith and can rely on prayer to shore him up when he is feeling small and vulnerable. Phone calls from Mom and Dad don’t hurt either.

Tonight I am praying. I am praying for the victims. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord. I am praying for their families. May they find peace and consolation in Christ’s Divine Mercy and Love. I am praying for all the young people whose lives have been scarred by this and other tragedies. May they never lose hope.

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David Jackson said...

My hope and belief is that all the tragedy that Generation Y has seen will be the fire that forges this country's next, "greatest generation." They will persevere not hardened by battle as our grandparents were in WWII, but driven by compassion and a yearning for correcting the failings that were left to them by a fallen culture. JPII may have nailed it by calling them the "New Spring."