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8 Things Meme

Kitchen Madonna tagged me so here goes:

“Here are the rules: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.”

1. I am a caffeine based life-form. Specifically, a coffee derived caffeine based life form. I use a Capresso coffee maker that grinds the beans then brews the coffee. My first cup of coffee in the morning needs to be from a ceramic or china cup. It is a bad day if my first coffee starts out in a travel mug and an absolutely horrible day if the first cup of coffee is held in cardboard or Styrofoam.

2. I love pretty dishes. Whenever the military packers come to move us they just stare at all the dishes and re-think how many dish barrel boxes they need. I have some very nice Wedgwood china and a very old set of Bavarian china that need to be washed by hand, but I tend to use the sets of china that will go in the dishwasher. A pretty table seems to make meals more special.

3. I love the game of soccer. Of course it is a treat when my children are playing, but I think once the kids leave home you will still find me hanging out at the soccer fields. In fact, if I ever won the lottery (first I’d have to buy a ticket) I fantasize of buying a home with lots of level land and building a soccer field. Build it and the kids will come. I’d wear my apron, bake cookies, and watch kids play soccer. Maybe I’d sponsor a tournament for little kids—the Soccer Mom Invitational.

4. I went to medical school because somewhere around the time I was 13 I heard that some people didn’t thing women should be doctors or lawyers. Well, no one was going to tell me I couldn’t be a doctor or a lawyer. I was a math and science geek so medical school seemed like the right path. As I look back, that was a ridiculous reason to want to be a doctor, but it did all work out. I loved the time I was actively practicing medicine but am very happy to have left it behind to focus on my family and on writing.

5. There was a time when I thought Cafeteria Catholic was a compliment. I thought it was an intellectual way to approach religion. By the grace of God, I found my way back to orthodoxy and brought my husband with me.

6. I love to grow things. I have been known to be planting flowers mere days before the moving van arrives. I try to leave every house with better landscaping than I found when I arrived. My favorite plants are perennials and they are even better if I didn’t buy them, but grew them from a cutting or seed that someone shared with me. My favorite gardening book is Passalong Plants by Steve Bender and Allen Lacy. It is a great reference book for propagating plants but is so entertaining you can read it cover to cover like a novel.

7. Speaking of books, I am a committed bibliophile. Not only do I want to read a lot of books, but I want to own a lot of books. I love the internet, but I just can’t enjoy reading a novel online. I want to hold it and absorb the pages.

8. I have Southern roots (probably half Texas and half Dixie) and there are certain things I insist upon. I will not wear white shoes after Labor Day or before Easter. We will eat blackeyed peas on New Year’s Day. Iced tea is brewed (Sun brewed is delightful), not instant and is served with mint. My children will say “Ma’am” and “Sir” when speaking with adults and they do not call adults by their first names unless those names are preceded by “Mr”. or “Miss”.

It looks like just about all my blogging buddies have been tagged so I will open this up to anyone who wants to play. Please join in and leave a note in the comment box so we can read 8 things about you.


Kitchen Madonna said…
Hey, this was a great read! So we have black eyed peas and pretty dishes in common! A few other things too!
Kitchen Madonna said…
I meant to say that I know Steve Bender. He lives here in Birmingham. Used to see him at Contra Dance and he worked for Southern Living Magazine.
Ebeth said…
My husband insists upon black-eyed peas on New Years day. I, however will not eat them. I got tagged by another for this meme.

Kitchen Madonna, doesn't Steve Bender still work for So. Living?
Seamus said…
"5. There was a time when I thought Cafeteria Catholic was a compliment. I thought it was an intellectual way to approach religion. By the grace of God, I found my way back to orthodoxy and brought my husband with me." -- Dr. Hunnell

Were you praying the Rosary daily back in your days as a cafeteria Catholic?

As one of your fans, I hope you'll write at greater length about your way back to orthodoxy.

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