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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bluebird of Happiness?

Calling all ornithologists! I love watching all the varieties of birds at my bird feeders. I have two finch feeders that are usually populated with goldfinches and purple finches. Today, however, there was a new visitor. Using my Peterson Field Guide it looks like a Mountain Bluebird. Of course that would be unusual to see here in Virginia, but the guide does say that occasional wanderers are spotted east of the 100th Meridian. I have seen occasional Eastern Bluebirds, but they have a reddish belly. This one is just brilliantly blue all over. I did snap a picture which I've posted. He is at the bottom of the feeder. One of our typical goldfinches is on top. If anyone can give me an identification, I would appreciate it.

UPDATE: I believe the mystery bird is actually a blue grosbeak or an indigo bunting.


Barb, sfo said...

Whatever he is, he's beautiful. We don't see those here in NJ. BUT for the past 2 days we have seen a red-bellied woodpecker (who has a bright red head but not a red belly at all). He's trying to drill into our rain gutter. Then he stops for a snack at my feeder.

Little Sister said...

He's got gorgeous plummage. In my home area we've got wild peacocks.

Kitchen Madonna said...

I saw a bluebird a few months ago for the first time in absolute ages and it made me very happy. So yeah, the bluebird of happiness. Maybe this fella is a harbinger of a bluebird.