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They Do Play Soccer in the Convent!

My husband has always said (with only a smidgen of seriousness) he hopes to send our only daughter to the convent. This is not a high-minded support of vocations. This is his fatherly reluctance to share her affections with any mortal man. Over the years as our daughter’s passion for soccer grew, the convent didn’t seem very likely. This is the daughter who insisted on wearing soccer shorts under her ankle length First Communion dress. Then I came across this picture.

The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist is one of the fastest growing orders in the country. They have been profiled in both the Catholic and the secular media. This is from their mission statement:

By living this strong sacramental and liturgical prayer life, we hope to:

  • Attract and form women to be faithful religious serving the Church for the good of souls, especially through the total gift of themselves as spiritual mothers and brides of Christ.
  • Establish and support Catholic schools steeped in the rich culture of the Catholic faith to nourish the spiritual formation of youth, their families and society.
  • Promote the culture of life and respect for the dignity of each person through apostolic work.
  • Respond to the needs of the Church arising in the third millennium through teaching, catechesis and evangelization.

How beautiful it is to see so many young women responding to God’s call to consecrated religious life. I certainly have no indication that God is calling my daughter to such a life. But if He is, she will be happy to know she can bring her soccer ball.


Leticia said…
I just began a list of traditional religious orders on the sidebar of my blog to encourage vocations. This wonderful order is on it. Now, when are they coming to Long Island to start a school?!

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