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Monday, June 25, 2007

I thought I was a little bit edgier than that!

Online Dating


Barb, sfo said...

All those posts on HPV and you get a G rating? And I got PG just because I said "abortion" one time.
I'm sure I said it more than one time.
I wonder how they do those ratings, anyway.

Mrs. V said...

Hmmm, I got the G rating but they said I almost got PG because I have the word "kill." Which was in a sidebar thing relating to abortion, lol.

John Seymour said...


I got a solid PG cause I said the word "dead" 4 times and "sex" twice.

"Dead" was entirely in the context of celebrating the demise of the immigration bill. I am sure your rating will change now that you've discussed the condom commercial's promotion of casual sex.

Catholic Mom said...

John, I thought I would get a more restricted rating after my most recent posts, but I just did it again, and I am still G-Rated! Must be a glitch in the system.