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Monday, June 04, 2007

Just a wee bit confused

Christopher Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal, an Episcopal blog, offers this piece on the Rev. Dr. Ann Holmes Redding. I was going to comment, but I'm not sure what I can say that doesn't sound snide and snarky. So just read Christopher's post and then follow his link to the Washington State Diocesan publication for the whole article. It seems Rev. Redding is an Episcopal priest who claims to be both a faithful Episcopal Christian and a faithful Muslim.

“We Christians, in struggling to express the beauty and dignity of Jesus and the pattern of life he offers, describe him as the ‘only begotten son of God.’ That’s how wonderful he is to us. But that is not literal,” she continues. “When we say Jesus is the only begotten one, we are saying he’s unique in some way. Islam says the same thing. He’s the only human aside from Adam who is directly created by God, and he’s different from Adam because he has a human mother. So there’s agreement—this person is unique in his relationship to God.” Christianity also says that we are all part of the household of God and in essence brothers and sisters of Jesus. Muslims take the figurative language of “only begotten,” make it concrete and contradict it: God “neither begets nor is begotten."

“I agree with both because I do want to say that Jesus is unique, and for me, Jesus is my spiritual master,” Redding says.

How on earth did the diocesan newsletter decide to highlight this gravely erroneous theology in such a positive manner? I suppose we Catholics have our own members who have veered off into New Age practices or into Eastern spirituality. I still have a hard time imagining that even our most liberal of bishops would approve of a melding of Catholicism and Islam. I would hope such heresy would be quashed immediately and never be presented as an acceptable alternative.

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