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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pondering Pigs

Hurray for CBS and Fox television networks. They refused to run this ad for Trojan condoms Of course, Planned Parenthood is upset that the networks won’t run an ad suggesting it is a great idea to have sex with a man you just met in a bar—provided he is using a Trojan condom.

Dawn Eden has a lively discussion of this going on at her site.

As the mother of three sons and one daughter I have my own perspective.

I think this commercial is incredibly sexist. Any woman who is sitting in a bar, looking for a sexual hook-up, and whose only concern is whether or not her prospective partner has a condom fits right in with the porcine crowd. It is not just men who can be pigs.

Can nice men and women meet in bars? Sure they can. Usually it is through mutual friends getting together at a favorite watering hole. Men cruising the bars and picking up women with bulging cleavage and hiked up skirts is an activity more akin to mud wrestling and is the proper purview of pigs—male and female. If you don’t want to meet pigs, don’t hang out at the pig pen.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Now if I could only find a nice, Catholic woman that believes in The Real Presence, Humanae Vitae, and who doesn't say, "Huh?" when the words "The Magisterium" are mentioned.

Catholic Mom said...


Unfortunately, a great many Catholics have a severe deficiency in their catechesis. A woman may not be knowledgeable on all points of Catholic doctrine, but is her heart open to learning more? You may be father along on the faith journey right now, but she may be willing to catch up and then you can journey together. Make sure you give her that chance.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

You said, it, Denise. What were they thinking?

Mrs. V said...

That is the sad thing about society today. Women called for "equality" and only turned themselves into... well, to use a nice word... pigs. Men have lost all respect, men bashing has become a cultural norm. Instead of equality we got a culture that no longer respects women or men. I guess that is "equality."

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

So true! Great post..

Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...

i tag you for 6 English & 6 Latin Hymns! Check my blog!

God bless!

Catholic Mom said...

This is a meme that will require some thought! I promise I will get to it, but it may be towards the beginning of next week as I am heading out of town in a few hours. I'll let you know when I post my response!