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This is an easy "No Way!" for me

Speaking of parenting, there is one high school graduation ritual my kids will not be part of: Beach Week.

Far from the tiny campus of Sidwell Friends in Northwest, graduates found themselves in the custody of Rehoboth Beach police.

In all, there were 33 arrests, 25 of them are 18 to 19 years old, 8 are juveniles. And instead of spending Friday on the beach, they all went to court facing charges of underage possession of alcohol.

Officers arrested 33 people at a party on Philadelphia Street Thursday night. The headmaster at Sidwell Friends said he recognized some of the names as students who graduated this month.

After graduation, hordes of new high school graduates hit the beach for a week of sun, surf, booze, and sex, courtesy of Mom and Dad’s generous funding. Many parents focus on the sun and surf and conveniently ignore the booze and sex. I know the kids will be off to college in a matter of months and the temptations will be there. Yet, things like classes, clubs, and sports on the college campus offer an alternative to unfettered hedonism. Beach Week is nothing but a bacchanalian romp. Working on a tan is what the kids do when they are too hung over to move. The point of Beach Week is to see how high you can keep your steady state blood alcohol level, how many sexual encounters you can have, and how many stupid things you can do and live to tell about them. I used to work in an urgent care clinic on a Florida beach. I've seen the alcohol driven idiocy up close and personal. It is not a pretty sight.

So what is a parent thinking when he sends a child into such an environment? Is it really a reward to send your children into a den of iniquity? Is it reasonable to endorse a week where staying out of jail, not getting pregnant, not getting an STD, and not ending up in the local emergency room are marks of success? You would never suggest to your child that he go play dodge-the-cars on the freeway. Why would you suggest he go play dodge-the-consequences at Beach Week?


Ebeth said…
Amen!! I graduated from Albemarle HS in Charlottesville, VA. Most of my friends were carrying suitcases to the graduation ceremony...all except me. My parents didn't approve of such a "tradition." We, instead, went on a family camping trip...and had a blast in Myrtle Beach.

Now, fast film forward, my children, though homeschooled, will not go on any such trip....I couldn't imagine all the chaos!

My question is like yours, "What are these parentings thinking?"
Unfortunately, they are feeling the pressure of the "hip" parents who are letting their son/daughter go and nowadays, allowing our children to feel pain/shame/leftout is wrong? NOT!
Rosemary Bogdan said…
Yep, I think it's peer pressure among the parents. It's easy to let your better judgement get clouded if you're in a small minority. You start thinking maybe it's you. Parents need to stand strong. If it doesn't sound like a good idea' it more than likely is NOT a good idea

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