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Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Book

We arrived back in Virginia late last night and it was such a joy to be home. My youngest did not accompany us to Houston since he was at Boy Scout camp and I swear he grew a couple of inches in the ten days I was gone. Our trip home was much easier than our trip to Houston since we flew back instead of driving. My oldest son’s car is now waiting for him at my parent’s home when he returns to college from Army training.

Traversing airports yesterday convinced me that all of America has its nose in a book. Not just any book, but THE BOOK: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was everywhere. At a minimum, I think ten percent of the flying public was reading Harry Potter. I even saw airport security guards walking through the terminal, reading the book as they ambled along. I am hoping they were on their breaks and not supposed to be keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. My second son and my daughter were traveling with me and I offered to buy them a copy of the book that was readily available at all the airport gift shops. They declined, but did sneak a peak at the book’s ending. They enjoyed the series when the early books were first released, but have moved on to other genres over the years. Now if it was a new Terry Pratchett book, I am sure I would have been making a purchase.

I absolutely do not want to raise the great debate about whether or not Catholic kids should be reading these books. I respect every parent’s right to make this decision for his or her own children. I know what my child’s spiritual foundation is. For my children, I saw absolutely no problem with them enjoying this fantasy. You know what your child’s spiritual foundation is. You make the call for your own child.

In any case, I think all the hype surrounding the release of the final installment of this series can be declared a marketing success. I am very happy our pilot and co-pilot took time out from reading Harry Potter to fly our plane. At least, I think they did. Maybe that explains the bumpy landing as we touched down in Baltimore.

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