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Another Generation of Aprons

I haven’t dropped off the planet. I’ve just been in Greensboro, NC with my daughter for a soccer tournament. The schedule was busy with many last minute changes due to rain delays. The girls made it to the finals of this very large tournament. They lost the final game to an extremely strong, very skilled team from Canada. Our girls had six wins during the four days and a large number of college coaches watching the games so it was a very successful tournament.

I love these mother-daughter outings to soccer tournaments. These are great times for bonding, listening, and learning. My daughter is finding her way to being a strong, intelligent, independent young woman without rejecting her femininity and the unique grace of womanhood. See her on the soccer field and you see a fiercely competitive player who is not afraid to get physical. She positively gets fire in her eyes. Off the field she is gentle, loving, and nurturing.

Thanks to Kitchen Madonna, my daughter is now sporting a very feminine but not too frilly apron. She chose the Belladona style. This has a cute scalloped edge. She loves the criss-crossed straps that just slip over her head with no bows to tie. (As an aside, this style is also great for anyone who has trouble managing the fine motor movements of tying bows due to arthritis)

Wearing an apron somehow proclaims that your full feminine genius is at work. And since I recently visited the Kitchen Madonna Apron World I can confidently tell you that in addition to gorgeous fabric and meticulous stitches, Kitchen Madonna aprons are made with lots of prayer. I am partial to ruffles so I wear her Elisabetta style. I put on my apron and I can feel those prayers girding me up for my daily tasks. Add in a few prayers of my own, and I can face anything.

I am so happy that my daughter wanted a high quality apron of her own. I love that in the midst of choosing a college and pursuing great career ambitions, she still embraces the beauty and grace of being a woman.


Barb, sfo said…
The aprons look great! And I never noticed when I met you earlier this year how much you and your daughter look alike.

I thought I'd be overwhelmed by the Belladonna so I stuck with Elisabetta also for my second apron: the "Demure Gigi."
Anonymous said…
Dr. Hunnell, it was nice to see your two daughters in the pictures above. One of these days you ought to publish a picture of yourself on this blog site. :-)
Kitchen Madonna said…
Oh my stars! Two pretty women!

Anonymous has got it right! And of course Barb too!
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for your blog. And what a treat to see pictures in those beautiful aprons. You both look so pretty and happy. I have been looking at the aprons, and trying to decide which one I want! Thanks for modelling them for us.

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