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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Coming to a Church Bulletin Near You...

Rants with a sense of humor are always best. Julie at Happy Catholic published offered her parish priest’s light-hearted but oh-so-serious reminder of church etiquette. I love point number three:

Please remember appropriate clothing—even/especially during the summer the church should be décolletage-free zone (if you don’t know this word I have one other word for you...Dictionary)

Then Deacon Greg offered his bulletin announcement from 2004. Do you think this will get the message across?

BRITNEY SPEARS CONCERT CANCELLED! Unfortunately, our efforts to get pop sensation Britney Spears to perform a benefit fundraiser for the parish have proven unsuccessful. Her calendar is full. Therefore, those who have been arriving at Mass every Sunday dressed for a Britney Spears concert should know that they don't have to do that anymore. Modest church-going attire will do nicely. We will notify you if the situation changes.

PLANS FOR PARISH SWIMMING POOL SCRAPPED! After much study, our finance committee has determined it would not be feasible to construct an indoor swimming pool in our church. Among other things, they report, it would interfere with the valuable work now being performed each Sunday by our ushers, who have enough difficulty navigating the aisles without doing it in flippers and a life vest. As a result, we can now announce with certainty that those who have been arriving for Mass as if dressed for the pool need not do so. Also, we hope to keep the air conditioning cranking all summer long. So you do not need to wear shorts, halter tops or bikinis to Mass.

I would certainly love to see these announcements in every parish bulletin.


Ebeth said...

FOPL!!! Thanks for the share.

Climbing for modesty in Mass as well as everyday life!

Anonymous said...

While chewing gum during Mass is certainly rude, there is nothing wrong with chewing gum while on an airplane.

Erika S. said...

Great post! I am always amazed at what people wear in the presence of God. It really makes you wonder if they truly believe that it is Jesus Christ that they are receiving at Communion.
On another note. thank you for the comments on how to live a Catholic life. I still have to read the link you provided. Thanks!