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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Catholic Magazine for girls publishes its final issue

Sad news. I just received word that after two years True Girl magazine will be shutting down. Production costs were just too great to sustain the magazine. I served as the health editor for this magazine and submitted an article for each issue. I did get paid for my work so I am sorry to lose such a writing opportunity. However, a much more serious issue is the loss of such a wonderful publication for Catholic teenage girls. The tone of this magazine was perfect. It was never preachy. Faith, fun, and fashion were seamlessly integrated. Articles on praying the Rosary were juxtaposed with crafty jewelry projects. Teen issues like friends, school, college plans, and hobbies were presented through the filter of Catholic teaching. I really don’t know of another publication that fills this niche. Please pray for our teenage girls. They are constantly assaulted with cultural messages that run contrary to the way of Christ. I am sorry to lose True Girl as an aid in countering the secular influences. True Girl editor, Brandi Lee, should be very proud of the valuable work she did in providing a truly Catholic magazine for teenage girls.


Michelle said...

Sad. I wish my daughters had been old enough to enjoy it while it lasted.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

This is sad. My girls would be too young for it, but they had been receiving My Friend Magazine, which also had to shut down this year due to overwhelming costs. My older daughter actually cried over it!

There is so little for our children out there. And I actually didn't even know this existed at all! *sigh* What a shame.

David Jackson said...

True Girl's demise has probably more to do with the reality that Generation Y and younger turn to the Internet for their information. It's awfully tough to sustain a print magazine that's going to grab the attention of this demographic. Any chance to continue the publication as an e-zine?

Barb, sfo said...

I'm so sad to hear this, because my daughter is just getting to be old enough for this magazine.

Lynne said...

My daughter did subscribe to it. She'll be disappointed.

Ebeth said...

AUGGHH!! My eldest daughter was going to get this for her birthday in February!!!! She will be an official teenager then!! Oh, man, now what!!??

Climbing for virtuous literature for our girls to love getting and sharing!

Leticia said...

We were subscribers, and I was just about to renew our subscription. I had been recommendig it to other moms of teens. What a loss, and when it is so sorely needed!