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Princess Schmincess

I am sure you have seen them: those T-shirts with the rhinestone messages that all the teen girls are wearing. They usually say something like “sexy”, “diva”, “princess”, or “hot”. The idea of a rhinestone-embellished shirt is cute. The typical messages are not. So a couple of moms decided to do something about it. They started Mind Candy Clothing. Now those shirts offer a different sort of sentiment.

I love this. I always was a math/science geek in high school. Zipping through geometry proofs did nothing for your social life. Most guys were pretty intimidated by a brainy female. It was such a joy to move on to college. I attended Rice University. At the time I was there, only twenty percent of the students were women. (Women are now close to fifty percent of the student body) It was thrilling to enter an environment where the women were unabashedly bright and articulate. I no longer felt pressured to dumb down my vocabulary or to hide my fascination with numbers.

Today I think it is much more socially acceptable for high school girls to be openly brainy. Yet in spite of some progress, our popular culture still values the sex appeal over the SAT scores. These t-shirts are a rather clever way to push back against the Paris Hilton and Britney Spears role models.


Ebeth said…
This is a rant I have been having with retail for Girls for years!!! I find it hard to believe that a parent would purchase t-shirts that say "Sexy princess" for their 10 year old daugther, or my favorite, "Spoiled rotten." Thanks for the link..a bit pricy, but definitely choice slogans!

Climbing for better girl clothes!
T with Honey said…
I had a very similar experience in high school and college. It was so liberating to get to college and have guys appreciate my technical skills, happy to have me as a lab partner or part of a team project.

My favorite shirt: Q T Π
Kitchen Madonna said…
Love the Dr. Princess since I was going to get a Ph.d. at one time. I had a baby - Gman - instead! Good move!
Kathy said…
I couldn't believe the shirt I saw the other day:

Barb, sfo said…
I have seen some awful shirts too. These are pretty cool--though I can't be too brainy, because I didn't know what e 2.303 stood for....can you tell I have an ENGLISH degree?
episcopollyanna said…
I love that "perfect 10" one!!!

Wow, that is one of the greatest shirt sites I've seen in a long time. I just asked my husband for the "I (heart) books" shirt for my birthday. Excellent link. :)

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