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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Match Made in Heaven?

I haven’t joined this forum yet, but the idea is intriguing.

Mom as matchmaker? It sounds archaic to modern ears, but the method is tried and true. In fact, in this age of divorce, the concept of moms (or dads) playing matchmaker for their children is making a comeback. After all, who knows a child better?

If your child is a practicing Catholic, faithful to the Magisterium (no Cafeteria Catholics, please!), and if he or she feels called to the vocation of marriage, come on in and chat with other like-minded parents. Geography should not be a barrier to building strong Catholic families.

Let's get to know each other, let's help our children find true and lasting joy through holy marriage, and let's help build up God's Kingdom!

I know that when my college sons visit my mother and attend Mass with her, other grandmothers often drop hints about their Catholic granddaughters who are available. And if I am truly honest, I admit I have my eye on some of the young ladies and young men in our parish as “mommy-approved” candidates for future spouses. However, I don’t know how receptive my children would be if I tried to take an active role as matchmaker.

I do know that every single day, as I pray for my children, I specifically pray:

Dear Jesus,

If you will call any of my children to the vocation of marriage, I ask you now to send your Holy Spirit to their future spouses. Give them the grace to be open to you. May they and my children journey together towards Heaven through your One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Amen.

I suppose I could also add, “And may the Holy Spirit guide my matchmaking!

Very Interesting!

H/T to Kelly for the link.


Michelle said...

My kids are too young for dating, but I'm already praying for their future vocations and/or future spouses. I've been eyeing the daughters and sons of good Catholics I know since my kids were born. But, yes, it's a thin line to walk between being overbearing and being apathetic!

Anonymous said...

I am a 22 year old Catholic women and I am not sure I would be comfortable if I let my parents decide who I should marry, because that should be my decision and God's. First of all I am a proud Cafeteria Catholic as so are my parents to an extent. I don't think my mom would never want me to be married to guy who wants to be a housewife nor would my mother wanted me to have more kids then she did, she only had 3 I am not sure I even want to have one. Also, I am a very inclusive and kind person If I fall in love with a good Protestant boy I will make him by husband. I just want a kind Christian boy who respects me and loves me, but most of all loves God more then life itself. To me Christianity is not about followiing a certain church, or agreeing with the pope, rather its living the commandments and loving our neighbours as ourselves. This in fact was the message of Jesus and too often people make such a big deal about the little things and Church dogma that they forget that many things in the Church were made by man not by God. Priests/Bishops think they have divine power just as Queens and Kings did 200 years ago.If there were no priests I could still get into heaven because eternity and acceptance is based on the belief of a child and on complete submittance to God not some human authority figure. Cardinals don't speak for me only Jesus Christ does.

Anonymous said...

I am not Protestant if I was Protestant Jim I would reject the rosary, Mary, infant baptism and the Eucharist all these things were central in the bible and in Christ's teaching. What I do reject is the authoritarian structure the church has grown up to be. I mean let's face it there were no confessionals in Christ's time or lavish cathedrals.Jesus in fact criticized the archpriests in his time as for me changing and growing in faith I am not going to stop being a Christian and I don't think God cares if one is Protestant or Catholic. I know many Orthodox Catholics and Evangelical Protestants who concentrate their life on interpreting scripture a certain way and keep telling everyone else they are wrong simply because they don't agree with them. Its not about what the Church says, what the bishop says its about how we treat and respect others and how much we love God. My relationship God is not about paying homige to an authority figure I dissagree with but serving god and doing what I am called to do every single day of my life and striving to be the best person I can. I don't believe you have to use NFP to be a good person, I don't believe one has to have 7 kids to be a good person. I don't believe God cares if a couple uses contraception or not its their decision, because if God wants a couple to have a child they will get pregnant regardless if they use contraception or not, because I have known people who have gotten pregnant while on the pill while using a condom. I mean the only thing 100% against pregnaney is what I practice chastity and abstinance. With regards to women, I have met theologians women only were positioned in their current second class status in the 2nd century AD, the church was pretty much inclusive until then. Plus not all the texts that were written were included in the bible you obviously haven't heard or done much research on the Magdalene texts. I am not dumb or unfaithful because I dissagree with the church. Many things in the church were instituted by popes, bishops, cardinals and they are human like us as so are Queens, Kings, and presidents. Like one monk I knew said "we can't complain how the world is or how the church is because God left the world in our hands and its our decision what we do with our life whether we become lawyers, doctors, teachers, priests, monks, nuns and God is not to be blamed for the inequalities and injustices that occur within the Church and society because he left the world in our hands and the church is what the people make it out to be. "

Anonymous said...

The magestrium was not written by God nor by the apostles. God gave us the bible and humans interpreted and made laws and books of it. So sorry I dissagree with you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For anyone who has ever lived in the married vocation while one spouse practiced one religion and the other some other religion (even both being "Christian", but different denominations), it is TOUGH when kids come along!! I married a Catholic in the Catholic church, converted in 1996 . . . reverted shortly after, never leaving, but enjoying the cafeteria (but discontented, nonetheless). Hubby decided that he need to take control and declared the kids were going to be raised Catholic and he was going to take them every Sunday to Mass. GREAT!! Finally, he was going to LEAD our family. So, I started going, too. In 2002, I fully embraced every jot and title of the Catholic faith. When you are given the gift of the FULL deposit of faith, and you UNDERSTAND it as a gift, well, it's easy to be obedient. Obedience is freedom. We have STANDARDS!!

God bless you, Catholic Mom, because you have kept that bar raised. You know: that parents are their children's first teachers. I so agree with you that parents shouldn't leave their children's education (esp. Catechism) to the CCD teachers solely. We definitely need to grow right along with our kids when it comes to their Christian upbringing. Your insights on teaching the faith are spouting out of my mouth to the mothers sitting in my bible study class.

God bless you, anonymous, for your spunk and fire and love for God. Just keep praying - ask Him to reveal your vocation to you. Peace!

Anonymous said...

No one needs to lead me most Catholics are like me. 96% of Catholic women use contraception at one point in their lives, 62% of Catholics believe women should be priests and that number is higher in europe, and 80% of Catholics believe priests should marry. The Magestrium is not infallible as neither is the Church because Peter himself had a wife and Christ healed his mother in the bible; therefore, not all Catholic or Canon laws are infallible.

Anonymous said...

Catholic Mom said...


The sources you are quoting are by and large dissident organizations--not faithfully Catholic. Your last source is to the Order of the Magnificat. They are sedevacantists. You can read about them here. In order to form a well educated and informed opinion, I suggest you look to more authoritative sources about Catholicism. You seem like someone who is truly searching for truth. I pray that you eventually discover the truth of Catholicism.

Lisa Graas said...

Gee, who would have thought that our matchmaking group would have brought such ideas out of the woodwork!! Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm one of the Co-Founders of Catholic Moms Matchmaking. (I'm also a convert who still scratches her head at Cafeteria Catholics.) I am very appreciative of your posting our link and also for taking a very responsible approach in your comments about it. You certainly have reflected what we have been aspiring to convey about our group. God's blessings to you!

Lisa Graas
Moderator and Co-Founder (with Leila Miller),
Catholic Moms Matchmaking